Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Grand Launch of Coco Concept Store @ Aeon Tebrau City Johor Bahru

Hi all~ 

Recently  I have been invited  to the  grand launch of COCO Concept Store 
(A Japan Fashion Co)  AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor –  the first in Malaysia.

FYI ,  KL Store is opening soon ~( most probably is  APRIL 2017 ) =D

the grand launch date of  COCO concept store, AEON TEBRAU CITY JB  is 23 FEB 2017 . 

                        Having nice fellowship with and  K.L fellow blogger friends ShinMay and Shierly yu ( all the way from kl to JB attend the event ) 

                            Photo credit : Shierly Yu ( blogger  ) 

Coco concept store selling  japan inspire fashion apparel  with an affordable price . Price range from RM19 to 39++.
 I do surprise when I realize all of them is so cheap !!

Coco apparel design  simple and nice. Specific apparel  only available at M , S size. Not sure is it out of stock already XD

 Our beautiful MC and PR  SABRINA given opening speech =)

According to Mr Nicholas Chong – COCO’s Chief Executive Officer, the COCO Concept 
Store is a Japan-Inspired Fashion Co, founded by a group of young designers whose 
aim was to introduce a contemporary & minimalist fashion for men and women. COCO offers 
a variety of minimal-chic outfit for pretty much everyone, regardless of age,” said Nicholas. 
COCO’s uniqueness lies in its casual yet fashionable styles with the modernity of Shinjuku – 
versatile to be mixed & matched for easy and comfort fashion wear for various occasions. 
“Soon we will be introducing more Japanese Streetwear line-up and lifestyle items, as well 
as mix of rugged workwear and Harajuku-inspired sportswear attires,” enthused Nicholas. 

beautiful model wearing COCO concept store apparel , this  is one of the favourite skirt  of bloggers xD

        japanese street wear look great on models =P

haha after watch the fashion show, alot of us tempted to try it out Coco apparel too. Let me show you one of my haul , i love this denim pieces , and it only cost RM39 ~! =D 

Look great isn't it? The top n bottom is RM39 each too ~~~

Alot of my friends given high compliments too , when they saw i wearing the coco fashion apparel =p

i will definitely revisit the Coco concept store in real soon, love their design with affordable price ~. :) looking forward their restock hot stuff . XD 

thanks for your reading, hopefully I  can bring more fashion post to you in near future =)


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Introduction: Senheng Plusone Newface with excellent service assurance and mobile apps !

Hi all~ 

Time flies, I guess everyone of you does miss your sweet sweet CNY holiday xD , 

this new year eve, my house even acquire an HD quality large T.V :D 

Normally, which shop will you visit to purchase electrical appliances? I prefer Senheng because of Senheng® Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading consumer's electronics chain stores in the country. Senheng® operates over 100 stores spread throughout Malaysia. For JB area, Senheng are located at Setia indah, Pasir Gudang, T.U.T.A etc. 

PlusOne Loyalty Program gets a facelift. It is an eco-friendly, card-less membership program with total new face - shuttlecock element. (previously is a panda xD) 

Card-less membership program, allows PlusOne member to check their details via Senheng apps available in Google Play and Apple App Store or any one of the Senheng’s nationwide showrooms. :p 

The design element of shuttlecock in the new card face is in line with Senheng’s title sponsor involvement in SS Purple League – the premier badminton SS Purple league in the country :) 

Service Assurance -- is one of the greatest benefit of Senheng PlusOne member card : 

1. Extra one year warranty 

We usually receive one year warranty from buying any electrical appliances at Giant / electrical appliances Shop.  

However, being a Senheng PlusOne member, you can get extra one year warranty upon purchase at Senheng. 

For example, if you are buying a digital camera with one year warranty. With Senheng PlusOne member privileges, you are entitled to enjoy extra one year warranty, all together  will be two years warranty! 

2. Senheng PlusOne member can enjoy up to 2 years - One to one product replacement warranty on faulty small appliances with a minimum fee.  

Rather than wasting money to repair faulty small appliances, I believe majority of the customer will prefer One to one replacement warranty. :) 

Also, regarding Senheng App, I’ve tried it was simply Convenience! 

To download Senheng App: 
First, search Senheng App in the App Store & Google Play and Download it. 
Click here for Android:  
Click here for iOS: 

It brings conveniences to all the PlusOne members! 

This is the home screen when I clicked into Senheng Apps. 

Senheng apps is an ideal and convenience apps for members to check latest promotion, store locator, PlusOne points, retrieve E-voucher, E-booklet, buying product from online store +. (kindly refer to the App. screenshot above.) 

If you’re interested to become one of the PlusOne members, kindly refer to the registration process at: 

For more details, please visit Senheng Website: or visit the nearest Senheng stores now! 

See you. 


Friday, 3 February 2017

Review: Coco2u Skincare Starter Kit ( for all skin type )

Hi all~,

 how is your CNY holiday?  Hope you did enjoy yours :)  I already started working at Chinese New Year  " CHOR 6 "  =p , despite many shop or office  still close for CNY holiday .lol  XD 

Today , i would like to introduce a skincare product that recently i have been using  , 

>>>>>   COCO2U  ( based on official introduction via      )  <<<<<

The Elixir of Wellness - Nature's Miracle. Research findings show that Virgin Coconut Oil is an effective component for skin care treatment. The virgin coconut oil is high in antioxidants that pass through into the concealed cells of the skin. The oil helps protect the body versus the formation of totally free radicals which are molecules that rob electrons from the millions of cells in the body. Free radicals damage and also ruin these cells including the body's connective tissues. These cells are accountable for maintaining the skin flexible and also versatile.
Virgin Coconut Oil assists to strengthen these connective tissues and also products in the prevention of skin sagging and also wrinkling. It softens as well as hydrates the skin, and eliminates filth from the outer layer of the skin making it shiny as well as smooth.
COCO2U is designed and formulated with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Natural Botanical Active Ingredients that delivers great and effective result.

To me, the most attractive part of Coco2u  - is product free from Paraben and no artificial preservative . 
 I prefer  natural product / organic product with less chemical or free from harmful ingredients since I got sensitive skin :) 

                                          Product 's ingredients 

Hydrating cleanser-  non - bubble type cleanser  with light scent  , after one wash , the skin become smoother . :) 

Pore refining tonique is refreshing and hydrate type toner,  product 's scent is heavier than cleanser . 

I like this non -greasy SPF20 day moisturiser with  coconut oil scent :)

Same as day cream, night moisturizer  appear as white colour too. 
I love this non- greasy night cream ! :) 

Before moving to final testing result, let me show you the bare face 
(after just one try coco2u skincare starter kit :)  )

My overall review after using  one week ++ :

My previously skin got allergy problem,  after using Coco2u skincare starter kit for one week ++ , i feel comfortable with this skincare product .
It doesn't dehydrate my skin too. Currently,  i still got big pores problem but i noticed my skin appearance look smoother =D i most probably will repurchase the product, Because it doesn't  stimulate my sensitive skin and nice to use :)

        9 days result :D 

Read until here, I guess you are tempted to try this wonderful product isn't it :) 

Tada! Here is extra bonus especially for you , just  Apply code : kim20 
During check out , then you can get RM20 off!  ( it applicable to all product item including the Coco2u skincare starter kit . For every purchase of the starter kit, get a luminous serum 10ml size for free~~ product code validity til 28/02/17  ) . 

       For purchase or more details kindly proceed to:      

Thanks for your reading, 


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Review : The Sugary Skin Green Tea Body Scrub ( Sugarscrub for sensitive skin ) !

hi all~ 

did i told you that ,  weekend is the best time for me to enjoy some floral tea ,and i can recharge energy from "happy bathing'' / facial time :p 

I have sensitive skin, therefore i will be more cautious for the brand chosen and  product ingredients . I will prefer organic product / handmade essential oil soap which  free from Paraben and  SLS .

                Photo credit : 

After  I using the handmade sugar scrub from The Sugary Skin . Then I realise  sugar scrub is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin user instead of traditional body salt which will stimulate the skin with wound ! 

Based on official introduction, Green Tea Body Scrub  is filled with green tea leaves , green tea has high antioxidant contents with anti- aging effect ! 

product size : 170g

The green tea handmade body scrub I receive is for review purpose =)
product Ingredients include :  green tea, olive oil, fine sugar etc. The body scrub scent is light , open it  up , look  carefully  then you can found the real green tea leaf as well. =)

Just one try,   my skin become smoother and skin surface seems got protection layer. xD  It doesn't dehydrate my skin too. Love this point  :)  I will definitely  recommended to sensitive user :) 

Thanks for the body scrubs sample from thesugaryskin . :) 

for more product info.  kindly  visit : 

thanks for your reading 



Thursday, 15 December 2016

Review : X.One Ultra Cable

Hi all~   how are you   =)  Chrismas festival  is coming soon , have you think of any gift ideas for your beloved one? If you haven't think of any yet ,  an excellent capacity data cable might be an ideal choice for you  =D

Recently , I receive a product review chance to try out  X One Ultra Cable for MicroUSB .  After testing about one week,today i would love to share with you my experiments ~


   photo credit : 

TADA, This is the cable i received =)

For better understanding about the product , before start the review session, i have a good read about the product information =)

Based on X .One Asia official introduction  : 

X.One® Ultra Cable Features and Benefit is :  

1) 10X more durable than original cables,built to last long, with 2 year’s manufacturer warranty 
2) Strengthened with Military material used in Kevlar bulletproof vests 
No more worries of flimsy cables 
3) Multi-layered compression design on Ultra Cable charging port 
Withstand rough daily wear and tear 
4) Power supply terminal with 80 premium quality tinned copper wires, enable current output up to 2.4A 
5) Gives high speed charging compared to normal cables. 
Slightly thicker for longer Ultra Cables , So that charging speed is not affected 
MFi certified by Apple 
6) Avoiding various iOS incompatibility issues 
7) Available in four colours, and 2 length, Gold, Black, Grey and Rose Gold (1.5m and 3m) 

                            This cable look so fashion and lovely isn't it? 

                                            it is adjustable too .

Kim 's Review : 

The mobile model I currently using is Oppo A37 ( Rose gold ) , therefore I chosen Micro USB 1.5 m length , Rose gold colour (  my favourite colour )  X.One® Ultra Cable to match it well :p 

After testing about one week,  I get in love with X.One® Ultra Cable , it look nice and fashion with the metal finishing :D  The cable quite durable, and the length is more than enough . No more frustration for the short length anymore . XD 

And the most important thing, Even though the length is longer than the normal cable, however the charging speed & capacity  even can compete / faster than my original Oppo cable . =)  It's totally different with the low quality I random bought at the shopping mall 's mobile accessory stall .( uggh, I still remember the slow speed charging rate just given me headache -.- )  

 I feel impressive for the x one ultra cable 's quality ~ I will continuing using it :) 

You may consider to get one too, they currently provide 2 years 's manufacturer warranty ( 1 to 1 exchange ) , seems a great deal isn't it? 

attach here with the price list and other option  for your reference :

- X.One® Ultra Cable’s price 
o Apple Lightning 1.5m: RM 99.00 
o Apple Lightning 3.0m: RM 129.00 
o Micro USB 1.5m: RM 69.00 
o Micro USB 3.0m: RM 89.00 

you can get them at :

 X.One® Facebook shop link at ( and  official webpage : (

thanks for your reading,