Sunday, 23 October 2011

Favourite Sample of the Month--Clinique Lash Power Mascara 01 Black Onyx

30 SEPT 2011 wrote:

Website Introduction:

Clinique Lash Power mascara 01 Black Onyx

24 hours, smudge-proof and smear-proof. Formula lasts through sweat, rain, humidity and tears. Unique brush lengthens your eye lashes. Removes easily with warm water.

Price: RM75

Kim comment:

In fact, i am not a mascara lover, i only try few brand before. And the reason why i hate to put on mascara is because everytime it did a good result on my eye lashes but ... i will suffer when i need to remove those make up, i have to put in great effort to do it until my eyelashes drop few, then i noticed still cant remove it completely , its a nightmare to me !! i wonder am i the only one have this kind of experience. >.<

therefore when i know this product can be easily remove by warm water , i was so happy~

This mascara accompanied with my natural long lashes make my lashes become longer, curler ,black .just like the comic gal eyelashes~ (similar to above comic gal =P ) haha,
the most important thing to me is bath warm water already can remove it,(no need using any make up remover) ,very convenient . no more harassment, save times to office lady.

therefore even the price abit pricey i still will consider to buy one =)

to me, buying a cheap and ineffective item only wasted money. i will prefer a good product if i feel it worth the price.

anyone interested feel free to have a look on clinique counter , i noticed there are many different mascara with different function .

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