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REVIEW : BONANZA Active Moisture Membrane KUM gel mask 保湿冷敷剂解你肌肤的渴

22 OCT 2011 wrote:

Kinda excited being selected as the winner of the trial size of bonanza kum mask event from comian facebook~~

                                 Comian courier a instruction leaflet along with the mask to me

Hmm thinking of how to review this to you guys And one idea cross my mind. =p

Have you drink enough water today?

Our body needed 8 bottle water to hydrate and maintain our life. it apply to our skin too. That's the reason why Bonanza Active Moisture Membrane KUM gel mask (◆ 保湿冷敷剂) exist =)

In order to ensure i can maximise the result of the mask , i do some research on the i-young dream website.

◆Product official description ---It gives instant hydration which contain 3 benefits, namely restoring skin's elasticity, moisturizing and whitening. In addition to leaving skin fair, it soothes discomfort after sun exposure. It keeps skin moist and supple for a long period of time.

◆Highly recommended by actress ! FG beauty awards winner

◆Suitable for all skin types


D-panthenol,glycosyl trehalose/hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, scleroglucan,propylene glycol,triethanolamine,carboxymethylcellulose,glycerine.

Those ingredients is good for water retention, moisturizing and increase the hydration % for the skin.


                                                                A pot of gel -type mask

Apply at least 0.5cm thick layer , the skin do have the cooling sensation.

My skin type: Oily , big pore , acne- prone,sensitive skin

After read the instruction, i decided use few days to try this mask .

1st day 17/10/201-- without refrigenerated, weather hot, apply at best mask time: 10pm plus

Just simply apply the mask without refrigenerated.maybe that day the weather is hot or i apply not thick enough (instruction require user apply at least 0.5cm thick ) i don't feel much cooling sensation at all .This mask is mild didnt stimulate my sensitive skin.After 30min., when i wash off this mask i found it really a thick layer mask, need use a little more time than normal mask then can wash it off. I can feel my skin is more bouncy and smoother.

2nd day 18/10/2011-- without refrigenerated, apply serum before mask, weather is normal , apply at 11.00pm.

Learn from 1st day lesson, this time i decided "strictly follow "the instruction , i apply my clinique whitening serum before the mask. and apply a thicker layer at least 0.5cm . And surprising i found there is really got cool sensation without refrigenerate !! =D
After 40min. i wash it off, i pinch my cheek and i can feel my skin is so smooth ~ woot ~ and i sense my skin elasticity is increase at least 15% . I never know just a different way of apply mask then the result can be so different ~~

3rd day 19/10/2011 -- refrigerated , apply serum before mask, weather is normal ,apply at 11:00pm

 hoho, i am quite curious the result of this method . And i cant wait to enjoy my cool cool mask time.I overlook i am having a sensitive skin, the instruction got mention sensitive skin not suitable for refridgerated mask because it may too cold for sensitive skin. Therefore i found my cheek really got a little bit red .But luckily when i wash it off , i can feel my skin is smoother and firmer than second day. Even my nose skin also smoother . And the redness is gone after that.

Excellent result in restore elasticity of skin, and smooth the skin .Mild recipe suitable for all skin type.Gel mask can talk anytime dont have the disadvantage of mud mask .

Sheet mask will be more convenience for busy office lady. Not much whitening effect on my skin.(maybe need take longer time to achieve whitening result as i only try for few days )

I really feel i found a great product through this review chances given by I young dream =) thanks alot ~

For any beauty interested to buy , Bonanza Active Moisture Membrane KUM gel mask retails at RM109.90/250g and RM179.90/550g is available online at IYoungDream or their retail store Comian at Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

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