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REVIEW:Kerastase An Unforgetabble Experience complimentary In-salon hair ritual treatment.

25 SEPT  2011 wrote:

Still remember this ?
last month , i receive this gift certicate for Kerastase An Unforgetabble Experience complimentary In-salon hair ritual treatment.(terms and condition apply : need pay for wash and blow fee, but the treatment is totally free, worth RM120 at Elle Salon) This time i gonna share with all of you , how was it ~~
I selected the Elle Salon at jb shopping mall with a hair spa facilities, as i noticed some of the participate salon may not have this facilities. After booking with the selected salon, we go straight to our destination.~
The hairstylist direct us to enter a special hair spa room which separate with outside.

Wondering whats going next behind the door

Enter the room, my friend and I found the room is surround by keraste paperboard, abit dark o maybe they intend to create a comfortable , relax environment.


The hairstylist show us a small plastic bottle of the keraste treatment serum going put on my hair later.(sorry this one i didnt taken any picture) and explain to us the whole treatment procedure will take about 1 hours.
1)massage service include: head, shoulder,back, hand. estimate 15min.

2)After massage, we lying at another chair, they wash , massage and apply the keraste serum on our hair.
during the massage area, i feel so relax almost fall asleep ~.~ life is good all the times

3)Estimate 30mins later, they wash our hair , and finish the last step: blow hair services


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