Sunday, 23 October 2011

Soap of the day: Soap gallery 皂工坊

12 oct 2011wrote:

last time i got mention gals also can use soap wash face at my blog community , not only guys =p still remember?
this time i gonna tell u which brand i 've been trying for last few month .For johor bahru reader, surely will know about KSL city. there is a shop called " soap gallery 皂工坊" at ground floor.Other state reader may not know this shop, some media like oriental daily news, straits times,nan yang siang pao etc has introduce this soap before .

soap gallery official introduction from their leaflet : our handmade soap is mild , fragrant, and friendly to your skin.using the cold process method. we incorporate a variety of oly the highest grade vegetable oils including olive, palm, coconut, rice bean,sunflower, and other exotic oils with rich butters.we add in essential oils, herbs , grains and natural botanicals to produce soaps with a rich, creamy and luxurious lather.
(contain no SLS 起泡剂, no animal fat, no alcohol, no preservative)

Start using this because i trying to less consume of those paraben product , when i seeking a natural and reasonable price product among of the origins ,tns skin lab , i will recommend this to all of you. The soap in the soap gallery all using the natural ingredients and essential oil, the coconut oil replace the SLS .thats why the counter lady always say their soap can use for body and face as well.(but i feel also depends on the soap function, some soap is more suitable for face rather than body even can apply to whole body ^^) No preservative can last for 1years. For oily skin face, i will recommend bamboo charcoal soap, (price range: RM15.90 , member price can less 10%)after using it i feel my skin will more fair and clean, not dry out my face too . For dry skin reader , i will recommend the avocado soap as i found it quite moisture to my body ^^
stilll got alot soap i cant list down here.

for more information pls visit (online purchase)

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