Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Liselle~ Dare to dream, Dare to Shine~

Any of my readers ever heard Liselle or saw this banner before? i believe mostly onlybeauty online members will be more familiar with this banner =)

This banner is my very 1st time get to know Liselle =D  .This red hair anime gal catching my heart when i 1st saw it . I wondering  whether Avene is changing their image to cute anime trend? After that , i get to know Liselle furthermore since they have their own  facebook

Who is Liselle?

Liselle is a feminine character of a young woman which portrays an image of elegance and authority that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers. This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle.

Characteristically, Liselle loves spending time travelling and discovering more sensual perspective of the fashion world.

 Liselle is created by Lisa Lee, visual artist , also won in Trevor Award in UK for her fashion illustration masterpiece. Locally, she is a lecturer of The One Academy and had organised and collaborated with Malaysia fashion designer, Khoon Hooi and Venie Tee, Macau Tourism Board and a few fashion magazines for her brand Liselle.

Visual Artist LISA LEE --Creator Of Liselle

Liselle is having their homedeco canvas frame range, fashion range too

I like those cute stuff   , if you keen to know more about Liselle can visit 

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