Saturday, 12 November 2011


Get to know Luview from its  facebook. I remember the 1st time i saw this poster , i pronounce it as Lu  view  >.<

In fact, It has double meaning. One is LUVIEW = Luminous View (with the oriental colour ) and second one  is  LOVE YOU  in pronounciation ~

 Read until here, you  may ask  who is Luview ?  ( 路薇儿)

LUVIEW is Korea based, very fast growing cosmetic brand in Asia , established  since Jan 2010  . Targeting for 20's ~ 30's career woman who is dreaming social success and the romantic love together. All of LUVIEW cosmetics are created by highly optimized oriental formula which from the carefully selected natural ingredients from all of very clean area in Asia and the most advanced dermatology that provide vibrant color while soothing them with comforting  moisture all day long. Besides korea, as i know Luview  has already  entered  Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam market etc.

See the picture above? 2days ago , I receive the above  product  from Luview for review purpose . ^^  its a happy matter since i am one of the luview angel  =D  

I love this box which state I'M LUVIEW ANGEL.--All the luview fans is Angel in  Luview 's eyes~

and this box come along with a cute angel t shirt especially design for the Luview Angel~

I love the sweet pink colour ~quality very  nice , but i found its abit  thin  >.<


Can't wait to test on all of those lovely stuff  as i heard luview bb cream quality very nice~ so all  my readers,  i gonna do few post about luview product review in a very near future =D

LUVIEW is having an event now , feel free to take a look .

if u wanna know more about Luview, also can  visit its website  =)

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