Friday, 25 November 2011

MY new haul --from henry cats and friends

Few days ago ,  henry cats and friends is featured in oriental daily newspaper, being attracted by its cat design, therefore i do further research from  henry cats and friends  website --  the  taiwanese artist Henry Lee  is famous in painting animal on the stone he chose . And u may found the stone he chose is totally same with the animal original colour. ^^  therefore the artstone look so natural and cute. his animal design is  cute & eye catching , therefore  their website  also got variety product range include mousepad, keychain, cellphone holder, different kind of bag~   I bought this bag  like 1days ago =)  kinda attracted by its design. and i learnt that this cat  have a name-- melody  =D

                                                          my melody being painted on the stone

                                                         artstone -ruby  , this rabbit quite cute too~

                                              this artstone has a good name too --denny   ^^

                                                   porcelain  magnet --bella  , haha bella  seems wearing mascara =p

                                                  i love this special cartoon playing cards too ~

as i know they just started their online xmas promotion , grab this chance to get great deal before its too late , visit their website  by today~


  1. Waaah~ Those are so cute! I am so tempted to buy but I already have a long list of stuff I am getting this Christmas :( The bag is so adorable! I love cats :3

  2. wow I want too , so cute ~!!!!!!

  3. haha now got xmas promotion ~buy over rm50 got free mousepad ~