Monday, 7 November 2011


Get to know amethystory from its amethystory facebook (subline product of Ginvera ),this brand having their very 1st  launch at october 2011 , Singapore. Curious about whats the special point about it, therefore i apply the mineral aqua gel sample (only applicable for singapore address ) . Receive  it  2 days ago , by the time i receive it ,  it still remain  a mystery product  to me  since i dun understand it at all  XD

Dear readers, Lets make a guess in your mind whats the function for this product?   =p

haha for me i thought just  a simple cleaning gel =X

Time up for u ~ hehe  =)

Answer is reveal --as u can see at picture below -my answer is totally wrong!! >.<
it is a product which uniquely removes cornified dead skin for a new and radiant skin.

Second question:  this aqua gel only can apply for face?

my guessing is yes!!

Answer is reveal  , oops i wrong again >.<  , as u can enlarge the picture , it  is multi -usage can apply for face and body~

I decide throw this foot product to my room corner which stimulate my sensitive skin  and try  this aqua gel on my foot  =)

Before testing, i seriously do some research from its instruction booklet =p


This aqua gel got milky white colour & abit sticky . I have to pump out sufficient amount and apply on dry finger.

>.<  this is the right foot waiting for aqua gel to rescue.

Massage gently in circular motion for around 1min., during i repeatedly use mineral aqua gel massage the rough skin, i can feel my rough skin is softening and the white flakes appeared on  my foot is the dead skin cell being removed. And surprising by this mild recipe doesnt stimulate my skin at all even my foot have wounds .  Some foot remover is using strong acid ingredients quite stimulate skin . and expensive price too .

I noticed my fingertip also got dead skin cell after massaging the right foot.

deng deng this is the result after apply the aqua gel, do compare with the picture before apply, u can c the big differences >.<   my foot condition is improving ,increase hydration after one apply .

lets rewind one more time how terrible my foot before i apply aqua gel  (see below )

obviously, the dead skin cell is less more than 75%~ this product really work!

PROS:  Very mild recipe even can apply to sensitive skin   , Affordable Price (  $24.90 for the full size 150ml ) , Effective,
Can apply to face and body (Multi -usage) , No colouring & Fragrance , contain hyaluronic acid (provides intense hydration and ratains water in the skin)

Cons: very new product currently only selling  within singapore, for really rough skin need massage and apply few  more times with sufficient amount then can  perfectly remove it.

 For more information can refer  ginvera website  or their facebook  .

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  1. wow it seems to work! I shd get this product for myself, thanks for sharing ;D