Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sponsor Review: Luview Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara

Hi, all my dear readers ~ still remember few days ago i told you i will post luview product review in a very near future?
today i will realise my promise , and i chosen the product i love most to be the 1st product to review~


Curious about why i love this product? continue reading =D  

hmm as usual, i will read the information of product and  use alot of method to test on  it for getting the best review for all of you.  I found this official introduction from the luview website ~

Sounds pretty nice from the website introduction ^^  i noticed the ingredients even include the ruby and pearl powder o.o

Cant wait to try the mascara,wondering can i get the optimum result  like the poster model =p  

I love this red and the design~

I can feel the mascara texture is quite moisture~

Side View : Before apply the mascara~

After apply the mascara, the lashes look longer and curler ~

Eye Frontview: before apply the mascara

look beautiful ~i love this finishing look !


What i love--
1 .Fiber 2in 1 mascara make my lashes longer, darker, high naturalness  ,curler , just like a barbiedoll ~
2. Longevity --No smudge /smear-- lasting for 10 hours still look clean and curly.
3. Cleansing ability -- Warm water already can remove it . 
  4.Protection--Contain protection ingredients therefore after apply i found my lashes still very soft ~
5.Price--Affordable price and 14 g big size. 
6.Packing --femininity and classic .

What u may not love-- if you are seeking for a strong waterproofness  mascara , this is not the one >.<

Conclusion:   I found my new favourite mascara rather than my preloved clinique mascara,  this mascara just perfectly  satisfy all my requirement ~ perform well  no matter in naturalness, lash longer,curler, darkness,softness, longevity , price ,packing, protection , cleansing ability  , only the waterproof still need to improve ,therefore i will give a very high mark with this~ 

Overall Rating : 

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