Saturday, 26 November 2011


Its been few day or 1 week i didnt introduce luview product to u  =p  today i take out my luview plastic bag again .

                                                  I like luview plastic bag , good quality and pink colour  =)

       Among of them, i decided to chose my another favourite--luview lemon balm bubble cleaning foam (香蜂草清爽保湿洁面乳) as i found  not much blogger  review about it ^^

 luview korean version website picture about this product quite cute ~

for further understand this product i also found the following information through chinese and english version of luview ^^

                                                                           ingredients :

                                                      luview model with the cleansing foam

hmm i think the above information do give u a clear idea about the cleansing foam. ^^   so
i will just move to my practical part ~

my skin concern :

oily , sensitive, pimple prone skin 

                                                              full size look of  luview cleansing foam

                                                                 safety seal when open the cleansing foam

                                                     creamy type facial foam , the scent is fresh similar to lemon =D

1) 1st testing : (large amount )

since i put large amount facial foam on hand (refer  the picture above)  , i decided not wasted it . and i am quite satisfied with  the result, the large amount doesn't effect the deep moisturizing effect. i feel my skin quite clean and it doesnt stimulate and  dry out my skin at all .^^   it pass my 1st testing ~

2) Over 1 week testing: (average amount) 

Curious about the result ?  I get the following result  after trying over 1 week ~   =D


Targeted consumer:  all skin type can use it

Texture: creamy type, very moisturizing.

Scent: fresh scent , similar to lemon ^^

Packaging: simple and nice

Cleansing ability :  good cleansing ability --deeply clean my pores , even the texture quite moisturizing ^^

Low Stimulate & Soothing : strong soothing effect thanks to its ingredients lemon balm and lavender.  my skin quite sensitive, i remember recently i tried one new mask and stimulate by the mask, and i using this facial foam wash off the mask and i surprise  found my face not red than previously  . ^^  really thanks to its soothing effect and gentle recipe.

Price: i am surprising about the price too even this facial foam is good quality but still selling at a very affordable price ~

CONS:  the only disadvantage i found is contain paraben >.<  , i dislike this i am a organic lover  =X

Conclusion:  this facial foam truly satisfied all my requirement , I love it , therefore i still given  high rating about it even i found one cons i doesn't like it  =)

                                                                          OVERALL RATING 

hope this review do give u some idea about this wonderful product , have a nice day~


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