Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wish Trend Blind Test Project NOV 2011

Recently partipate the blind test blogger project from . Wish company will packing all the sampling product in secret way, you cannot judge what brand is it,until wish company reveal it , it prevent the participate  blogger bios review .And Few days ago i receive the parcel from korea for November blind test event. At 1st , i really thought it will be a mascara or eyeshadow =X

but when i open , i saw this

Its 3 waterproof eye liner which wrap in different colour ~ cannot judge which brand , due to its wrap in tape >.<

                                         It come along with 2 CAOLION sample, its so sweet~

                                             And one beautiful postcard of Wish company  =)

no.1 -- eyeliner wrap in black and white tape  no.2 --eyeliner wrap in black tape  no.3 --eyeliner wrap in white tape~

I test them on my hands, no.1 is black+ white eyeliner, no.2 is black eyeliner  no.3 is  white eyeliner

                                 Without mascara , the no.1 black +white eyeliner look like this~

                                                    No.3 white eyeliner  look like this~

                                   This is the no.1 black and white eyeliner with mascara look ~

haha u must be feel weird why dun have the no.2  one?  haha i have miss to taken photo maybe because i dun like this eyeliner completely  =X

In fact, i already done  few evaluation about this 3 eyeliner  ^^ after few days try :

No.1 black + mix - no matter in wearbility(smooth application, less irritation), waterproofness(even hard to remove in cold water, but can remove in warm water , i love this point), longevity(less dirty smudge, lasting 6-7hours ), colour( quite sharp and golden ) , cleaning ability  is highest among all of the eyeliner =)
I really love this eyeliner quality ~! and curious what brand is it ~

No.2 black - wearbility  not good (not smooth at all ) ,colour-- not good , test on hand dun feel shiny and beautiful as no.1 , but for the waterproof ness and longevity average not bad  =)

No.3 white- wearbility (smooth to apply, less irritation  too ) , colour --shiny and beautiful too ,  the weakest point is waterproof ness and longevity  =X  -- i found after i rub my eyes, the eye liner will disappear and it fail in my cold  water test  less than 1min this eyeliner totally disappear~

hmm really curious what is the brand for those 3 eyeliner >.<  , i guess it will be reveal it at December 2011 =) do check out my 01 dec post =D

thanks for reading ~ just feel this blogger project is quite fun , looking forward to the new theme of the next month ~♥

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  1. I wish to know the brand soon! I hope that they will let us know already :)