Monday, 19 December 2011

Morinaga vs Me

hi test and share readers~ its been few day i didnt post anything here. today i would like to disclose a little secret of mine to u =p i am not sure whether it will shock u >.<

thats is --i love drink milk ^^ especially that kind sweet sweet milky flavour one and  it may include kid's range milk too >.<  , i just can said i really is a big baby  xD  abit embarassed  >.<  haha. i guess one of my fren know about it, thats y she send me a tin of the morinaga chil mil milk powder  (1years above baby can drink  ) through oz marketing sdn bhd.

hmm even this milk is for kids above 1years old but my friend told me morinaga chill mil also beneficial for adult in terms of digestion due to the Nucleotides and probiotic content, some elderly take Morinaga for constipation problem . o.o
hmm in this point it seems morinaga chil mil  good for adult too , so i  will  just have a try since she gave me one ^^  hmm  i feel this milk powder doesn't contain sugar , not sweet. it may good for kids.^^ but i will still prefer sweet sweet milk thats y i got add in honey after 1st try of this milk =p

Recently  i noticed my blog fans >70%  is under  18-35 age group (based on facebook statistic) and some of  you  have kids already. For your information, Morinaga is having sampling campaign now~

if you wish to request , kindly send the following details to
Mother’s Name:
IC Number:
Delivery Address:
Contact Number:
Baby’s Name:
Baby’s DOB:
Current Brand of Milk:
Note: 1 tin for 1 baby only.

if you are in the penang area,  u can email to  ^^

visit for more information


  1. cute ~ but I bo baby XD
    I love drink milk too :P

  2. haha u may recommend to your fren lo got kid one ,since got sample pack can try 1st ^^ ~