Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My birthday gift

yesterday is my birthday, i receive two item is my favourite, i would like to share with all my friends and my readers  =p

guess what it is inside?

it is a lolipop earring , i love this! so cute and shining.

i like owl item too, since i have a pair of owl earring then i can wear it as a set =p

yesterday quite full, went to cheelicious and having 3 slices different favour cake =p thanks all the blessing from my friends and collegues. god bless u too ^^


  1. Both are so cute~ ^^ Happy (belated) Birthday to you! :)

  2. cute earrings!! what will you wear it with? :) and happy birthday!

  3. thanks monica =p mayb wear with pink shiffon dress , i love those princess style item

  4. Happy Birthday Leng Lui :P
    so cool can get present ^^
    the lolipop earring really nice

  5. haha thanks tiffany ~ yalor i love lolipop item ^^