Thursday, 8 December 2011


To asia mania team (u know who u r =p )~

Its been long time i didnt buy any nailpolish from the faceshop ^^  i love its FACE IT series  golden colour GL111 , price : RM9.90 . i think i bought that almost 1 year  but the nailpolish function still very well .therefore i gain confidence about  Face it series nail polish .

But for the RM5.90 series. as my past experience , i feel easily remove especially if u got do some housechores. =X but the colour just too nice, sometimes i still feel tempted and buy some =p

yesterday the faceshop got promotion and alot new colour there , maybe because of chrismas =D

this is my faceshop haul yesterday~

From left to right: 1.base coat RM5.90 (RD302 RM5.90) 3.Green (GR502 RM5.90) 4.transparent with love sticker ( WH003 RM5.90)  5. TRANSPARENT TOP COAT 6.FACE IT PK102 RM9.90 7. FACE IT CRACK BK901 hmm this one abit expensive RM24.90 before discount.



                          I  wanna try the crack result for a long time , this time finally realise it ~

                                   FACE IT PK102  given a very natural shimmering healthy pink  too

                                  GR502 , the green is so sharp and look young and energetic ~

gotta sleep , thanks for reading and have a nice day ~


  1. Wow, all the colours look very nice! I love TFS base coat, it works really well to smoothen out my nails before I apply nail polish. :D

  2. I always wanted to try the crack polish. Looks so neat!

  3. haha ya laura all the colour so nice thats y i bought 7 =p
    monica, i been wanna try the crack polish for a long time since opi crack launch , amazing when saw the crack effect on the nails ~

  4. The crack nail polish looks cute hahaha. I kinda want it too. But my friend says nail polish from The Face Shop gets easily removed :( I think Etude House and Nature Republic might be a little better when it comes to how long they last on my nails. And they are cheaper compared to the Face Shop. But the Face Shop has nice French tip guides/stickers :)

  5. hmm the faceshop face it series price 9.90 one quality overall quite ok, for storage longer and smooth application and colour beautiful. i guessing your fren bought the rm5.90 one that one quite easily get remove as my experience. ^^
    mayb will try nature republic, those day a fren keep telling me its skin care not bad