Thursday, 29 December 2011

REVIEW : Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + (updated 24 jan 2012 )

Hi test and share readers,

as i mention before , i receive Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum +  (集中美白焕颜净化液升级版 ) for review purpose =) .Today i would like to give u a preview and idea about this product which only available  at  Year 2012 spring time . I feel so glad that i can be a reviewer before it available in the counter =p

Official Introduction

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum +   (noted: it only available one size--30ml  , Retail Price : RM410 )
-- A superior anti-spot serum with an intensified power formulation exclusively created to diminish stubborn dark spots. Shiseido -exclusive Melano Sensor System + now targets troubling spot by crushing melanin * at its core and stopping the vicious cycle of dark spot formation.


Melano Sensor System +  offers the ultimate solution against persistent dark spots in four unique steps:

Step 1: stop spot before it start

Powerful whitening ingredients m-Tranexamic Acid targets persistent spots where over-active melanocytes continuously produce excess melanin.

Step 2: Target the root of spot formation

Shiseido-original whitening ingredient 4MSK helps diminish the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase to reduce melanin production .

Step 3 : Reduce melanin production

Multi-target Vitamin C reduces melanin produced from pre-melanin DHICA.

(New Added  ) step 4: Removes signs of melanin smoothly (顺畅去除黑色素印记)

MelanoCRUSH energizer targets trouble spot / stubborn spots and crushes melanin . 4MSK regulates cell turnover. Darkened melanin is smoothly removed~!  Given u spotless , even-tone and perfecty radiant skin that glows from within.( 新添加的科技专门对抗已生成的色斑,破坏其黑色素,4MSK成分 帮助使黑色素能顺利排出。从而给予使用者一个无斑,以及由内到外透亮的均衡肤质。)

Apply at : morning and evening .after toning before moisturizer.

                             the real product photo =)  i love its purple packaging, elegant and beautiful  ^^

transparent purple bottle with  shiseido logo , i love this!   =D

   " the hygience pump "

that's the colour after i pump it on  my hands, but when i spread it , it become transparent colour.

The 1st try on my face:

 my skin concern is --combination and sensitive skin, but i glad to know that it doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin. ^^ the texture quite thin , water -base lotion type.  i like its scent .quite fresh ^^  but i feel a little bit sticky after apply this on my face.but this little bit sticky feel only last for a while ^^ and i found i apply like 4-5 times only, my  dark spot area near left eye is start fading and more brightening than before. o.o hmm,it does surprise me!

actually i already invite my family members and collegues who got the dark spot problem try this product too =)

my collegues comment : white lucent serum + texture is thin, easily absorb , not sticky at all after she 1st try

attach here with my family member review picture 

before using white lucent serum +

after using 21 days (morning and evening apply )

amazing isnt it? if i didnt take photo i would never know it can really work  on 50 plus woman too =) 

between shiseido website will have a special  link for this product review from global blogger  too, u can visit the special link , they will post up my review at there too  ^^  remember go support mine. have a nice day~! and join their sampling campaign ~!


  1. 16 Jan 2012 onward? Ok..Definitely will support for 试品好康同好会 Test & Share! ((X

  2. OMG..that really works!Despite the expensive price,it works well but I'm aint very sure if i can afford it