Tuesday, 27 December 2011


As i know biore just launching their new make up eye and lip remover like few month ago =) , i receive one at this month.sorry for the delay blog post , especially near the year end and xmas time =) i gonna to be honest even this  is a sponsor review ^^

                                                              i love their cute packaging  =)

                                              the left side one is the new biore remover i gonna review

                                             130ml size biore make up remover for eye and lip

                                                 this is product official introduction in the packing


                               i especially put on  make up to test this remover =p

                                            remember  shake shake before u use it =D

                                                     open it, and pour out like 70% of the cotton

follow the usage instruction, , close eyelid and leave cotton pad on eyelid for 5 seconds -- this is a important step which cannot skip =p  and gently rinse mascara downwards from root of eyelashes to tip .

                                          it take about 2-3 wipes to remove  etude house eyeshadow, clinique mascara .

                                          kanebo glittering type lipgloss have been effectively removed about 1-2 wipes

(from left to right) : waterproof eyeliner 1 & 2 , kate eyeshadow and majorlica mojorca eyeshadow

                                                  about 2 wipes , effectively removed

What i like for this product :

1. packaging : pinkish and simple , and clear instruction on packaging too .
2. not so oily as i assume before ^^-- as i notice it is waterbase oil make up remover , i can feel this product is oil and water combination. but liquid % much more than  oil  . i love this point~
3.very affordable price: RM29.90 per bottle
4.gentle formula , it doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin.^^
5. most of the make up can easily remove with just few swipe it included waterproof eyeliner.^^

what i dislike for this product:

1.  the formula still need to improve for remove the glitter eyeshadow / eyeliner , i noticed very minor glittering residue still can't completely remove .but for the normal eyeshadow without glittering effect doesnt  have this problem.

2. ingredients contain paraben. but i bet mostly cosmetics got this.^^

thanks for reading, i hope my review do help u to know more about this product =)


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