Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hi, all luview megagiveaway malaysia participants and my readers, i believe most of u havent try any luview bb cream before , today  i would like introduce a magic product from luview---

Luview whitening capsule bb cream (路薇儿美白魔法BB霜).

                                              i found above information at line up area.

I  pump some bb cream on my hands

                                            i use hand spread it evenly , cant wait to c the magic effect

          Magic happens~ did u see this no1. is white colour  no2. already  transform to  natural colour

                             i keep spread evenly until totally blend into my skin, it given a natural skin colour

After i try this whitening capsule bb cream , i found few features may useful for your reference:

Suitable type: Oily and combination skin (<---- my skin type too )

Special Point:  just like a magic, this bb cream transform white colour into a nature colour within few seconds, never saw this kind product before!!   ^^

Effect on my face:   Very natural colour easily blend into my skin ,  finish look  with shimmering white (pearl shining ) effect not lasting than 2hours-3hours on my face. I remember my collegues praise my skin become more beautiful  and " clean " when i 1st time wearing  this bb cream to workplace =p  (every gal love this point hehe)

Texture:   water base cream  (i love this)

Coverage: not strong coverage if single use . u still need match with luview crystal pact (路薇儿水晶矿物蜜粉饼) for a best coverage.  (will introduce the crystal pact soon ~)

Scent: powder scent ( not this scent lover )

Ingredients : Talc free ,  aloe vera , hyaluronic acid ( 玻尿酸  hyaluronic acid  helps retain moisture )

( Note: Talc powder 滑石粉 is a household item, sold globally for use in personal hygiene and cosmetics and used by many millions every year. Some suspicions have been raised about the possibility its use promotes certain types of diseases, mainly cancers of the ovaries and lungs. )

Formula: gentle, less stimulation on my sensitive skin , i dun even have a  make up feel  =D 

Whitening Effect :  Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) Certificate

hope this review given u a better idea what is white capsule bb cream =p

P/S:  hope i can have more times and idea bring more good review to u,  yesterday abit sore throat and running nose, but today is ok already . thinking still got more product in my waiting list  0.0  ,
biore is approaching me for their new launch eye and lip make up remover review . i guess will receive it in monday ~hope can get more review chance in the future no matter in cosmetic range, necklace, shirt, drink ,food , cute stuff ..all the thing as long as i interested in =p


  1. I haven't been using this bb cream often because I really like Luview's Aqua Essence BB Cream a lot. I am so afraid of the sparkles too. But you said that the sparkles don't last two hours? So after two hours, it's not glittery?

  2. ya clair, i dun like the shimmering feel too,but as i observe this effect not lasting than 2-3hours on my face. its not for whole day effect though. i love aqua bb too, i can feel my skin texture is quite good after apply that ^^ and no paraben.