Saturday, 24 December 2011


This month , korean wish company blind test project for blogger is--- bb cream =)

i have finish the test long time ago , but just delay this blog post , sorry  =X

                         thanks to wish company, i receive your gift for participate nov blind test. ^^ (p/s: the angry                              bird is mine not the gift haha)

                                                 There are 5 mystery bb cream sent to me too.

                                                 different bb cream colour shown at a A4 paper

Kim says:

after test for around 1 week, i found few features about A TO E bb cream

A: Natural colour easily blend into my skin, texture is good , neither too watery or too thick. 

Cons: it give me a dull skin look after apply at my face =X  thats y i would say no to this A !

B : Texture abit thick , the colour abit fair not so match my skin. but its coverage as a base consider is not bad, and given me a more evenly and glowing skintone .i love this point.

Cons: cannot cover my big pore >.< , can c i am make up lol  

C: Natural colour, Primer type, easily blend into my skin =p  and i found this type bb cream is perfectly given me nude make up look, and even this bb cream consider only  sheer coverage but good enough for cover my pores and evenly my skintone.  for cover the scar i feel need to match with coverage pact powder . ^^

Cons:  cannot cover scar

D: this one i was force to try it , lol .. i really hate its scent .lol i guess andre from philipines which participate this project hate this too. i have secretly go peep her review =p  even i found the texture is quite ok . but it doest work well on my face too .so i will say nono to this also .

Cons: the medical scent is killing me >.<

E: This bb cream colour tend to red, i was shock when i saw it. texture quite good. hmm i feel nothing special other than this.

Conclusion:  if you want me to chose which one i love most , i just can say , it may vary for everyone, based on different skin types .i love B or C they did have different strength and weaknesses, but i felt  C is good for covering my pore and given me a nude make up look .this is the effect  i wanted ,  therefore i will still chose C and i will definitely match with luview crystal pact to enhance its coverage too =p  

their answer for those mystery bb cream will reveal soon, stay tunes ~

wish company is looking for testing blogger , if you are interested in , can find them at their facebook.

have a nice day and merry xmas =p

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