Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hi ~ test and share fans , recently i am drinking one detoxification drink-- good morning cleanse.a strong fiber drink. i wondering how many of u ever heard about this product? my collegues mention , this is kinda famous product =X but i  get to know this is from a fair at johor shopping mall . >.<

Chinese New year is coming , i guessing u (included me)  will contact those oily food /meat, i feel this drink will be very useful at this moment =p  . For having constipation problem fans ,  i feel my tummy is smaller after i consume about 7 satches .After i drink  it at morning , normally i will go toilet after 7-12hours .Pls dun consume it at evening, u might kena strong stomache during midnite , oh thats a nightmare for me @.@

I am a oily food lover. i love to eat those frenfries . and  having constipation problem. mayb it just because i seldom eat vegetable?  i found i really need take some fiber drink like this to help me detoxify those rubbish in my body   >.<

do u think it is expensive? RM98 (WEST MALAYSIA) for 15 satchet
(East malaysia)  RM108
if for member , it entitle 15 percent discount .

do share with me , if u also consume detoxify drink ^^

have a nice day~

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