Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) & MY Haul

hi, test and share readers, how is your holiday ? i guess many of u will go for count down and clubbing  . for me , i am just lazy for these activities , i would rather rest at home =p  unless got firework event similar to taiwan one =p . today,  i would  like to update you the places  i went to,  during my xmas holiday.

                                                   can u guess where's my car heading to ?

the answer is : johor premium outlet , a shopping mall , new opening at november 2011. located at kulai,johor bahru. it positioning as a branded shopping mall , and even advertise at singapore. and  i found most of them is off season branded stuff.

finally reach the destination, from my place to kulai , estimate need driving 1hours Q.Q somemore that day is chrismas, singapore visitor also come this mall, thats y u can c there is traffic jam  from 1st picture.

                                              can u c timberland , lacoste those big words ?

                                                                2 storey building

                alot ppl bought the off- season branded stuff  , as i observe selected esprit shirt is consider affordable price, Below RM38-RM40 per pieces.

U can found cheap jeans at  Levis too. Below RM190 jeans is everywhere. and i found one levis display table is empty . o.o   i guess that one is popular cutting . u need take time to chose the pattern and cutting, some levis jeans  cutting is not so nice and quite big for asians.

some branded shop need Q up. Eg. Burberry and Coach. I wait for around 10min-15min. then can go in .

Tada~ this is the only haul at jpo, Handmade Clips from Evita Peroni ( A denmark brand) . after discount , it cost me RM26. In fact, Evita Peroni accesories is quite expensive , the earring can cost RM100 plus per pair, and the clip is not cheap too. According to the shop assistant, some of the hairclip is made at europe country other than denmark, therefore consider this point. i will buy this clips with a willing heart. as i felt i really cannot compare the price btw a  hairclip made in thailand and  a handmade clip made in  europe  XD  and I truly  love this princess style hairpin , hehe.

                                            i think this hairclip suit for a pinky dress ^^

Conclusion:  if you never visit JPO before , u may take a look. as there are many brand eg: Levis, Adidas, Esprit, Carlo Rino, La Senza, Coach, DKNY,Padini,Vincci , Charles & Keith   etc. 
hmm , for me i feel abit disappointed, the pattern at most of the  shop is not attracted me much. maybe because of the off - season stuff? u may found very cheap stuff at vincci or padini , but the pattern -.- "" . however u may found the stuff u love, since the taste may vary . ^^  according to my collegues information, Charles & Keith shoes is even cheaper than kl shop. (she will more familiar than me, because she is a  Charles & Keith lover). I notice A DKNY dress original price is RM10,000 Plus , after 50% discount is RM5000 Plus , i wonder any DKNY lover will buy that? hehe

thanks for reading, and hope u enjoy this new opening mall too if u visit kulai,johor bahru ^^



  1. hahahaha...me no clubbing either...bac mom's hometown and go for a relatives visit trip...^^ so here'sd place u got ur 5shoes?happie 2012 tan kim...

  2. Never have a chance yet to visit JPO, will do soon. Very helpful post.


  3. Thanks for the share too! Shall find a day to visit there.. Hahah

  4. np just a simple sharing ^^ btw yinyin my 5 shoes not buy at here hehe, branded store is hard to buy so many shoes =p