Sunday, 8 January 2012


Chinese new year is around the corner  =)  i guess many of  my readers have bought some new shirt and shoes. this year i really spent alot money on the new year haul. =p  this month really is a leisure month for me..relax and lazy do anything...attach here with some goodies i have bought . wish u happy chinese new year in advance ^^ and stay tunes , i will review fabula mask soon, it is a very interesting mask which using special material i nvr tried it before~

this is sophiemonk xmas edition mask, i bought this mostly because its packaging ,2nd -- its quality also quite average for me.

hmm i didnt try taiwan brand sexy look mask before , it come with a cute packaging.after using, i feel the result is normal only.

Emax shop is full of this kind princess style flat shoes, prices range RM39.90-49.90 , i really love this baby blue colour .

                     another hot shoes from emax -- price RM39.90

SKIN FOOD nailpolish --pedicure sparkle--dark blue, skin colour, sparkle pink price range hmm i remember is RM14.90 /RM15.90 =x  Pros: the colour really very very nice! i hope can bought all the colour of this series
Cons: i dun think the quality can  lasting few days on my hands.

PILLOW PET--baby dolphin, after eyeing it 2 month, i finally bought one =p really very cute pet .

NEW Akemi bedsheet--hello kitty after discount still cost me RM83 PLUS (akemi bedsheet quite durable , price worthy , quality not so " heat"  , do u believe my previous akemi bedsheet can last more than 8 years?  )

thanks for reading, got time u can share with me whats your new year haul too ~


  1. I'm still fighting for my final exam now... huhu~~

    By the way, you tried before Aussino brand bedsheet? the price also mcm Akemi.. and the most important thing is the bedsheet quality is good, won't make u feel "heat".. hehe.... and the pattern all very nice..

  2. aussino , got saw this brand before, will take a look during bedsheet sales =p thanks for suggestion . i rmb final is kinda tough for me, if got 2 subject at the same day, that day no need to sleep liao ~need overnite
    take good rest and wish u all the best in your final ^^