Monday, 6 February 2012


chinese new year is over. This year the 1st plate yu sheng i ate outside cost me RM58.As for my house , i decided bought at shopping mall , which only cost me RM22 something.. =)

(for other country of my readers:  normally chinese new year, chinese ppl used to be "LAU YU SHENG "捞 鱼生 --an activities frens or family gather together and eating a food called --YuSheng  鱼生  which contain the sour sweet ,  raw salmon food material , and we will raise higher the Yu Sheng with chopstick and say  many  blessing word before  we enjoy this food . )

i love the plum sauce and the titbits contain in the yu sheng

this is extra stuff  not contain in yu sheng =p  --

recently i love to shop a japan food material coldstorage shop . 鲷鱼 --.This is the 1st time i try to bought this fish, i check the fish name in english it show  bream / sea bream or snapper . hmm i am  not so familiar with those fish name . =X  just feel the cooking method  really very convenient,   put into the microwave few min. already can eat.  i mix the rice, egg, with this fish cook together , quite tasty =p

i gonna try buy other japan food material again, those scallope is so big and fresh, maybe i will buy the japan teriyaki sauce too =)  its kinda fun, if sometimes cook at home  ~


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    1. haha same with me =D last time giant clear stock buy one free one , mayb i should buy it ~~