Tuesday, 14 February 2012


hi all test and share readers~

before new year i receive few kiss me product from mandom malaysia for review purpose =)  , i believe most of you will found this  brand is quite familiar, since it is a japan brand which can found on the Sasa outlet malaysia ^^ .Today i would like to show u the result after i tested on those cute stuff ~

                                                                i receive 4 kiss me product


        First item: Heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner #01 JET BLACK (RM49.90)


     i love its design, the real product colour  is more shining and  princessy feel than the photo i show u here=p   Hmm really curious how it work on my eyes =)

Directions for use:  Before use, shake the container lightly a few times with the cap on. Draw line along the eyelash bases to fill the gap between the eyelashes .


                                                        Before put on eyeliner , look sleepy =X


 this is the result the eyeliner work on my eyes  =)  look more energetic ~this is the result without mascara and half lashes yet =p

                                                       what do u think?  it look good ?

after few try, i found few feature about  Heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner #01 JET BLACK:

1. this liquid eyeliner is easy to control , suitable for beginner...hehe

2. easy to draw ultra thin brush --quite thin , i draw it about 2-3 times to get the effect like picture above. ^^

3. colour : quite black , no wonder it called jet black =)

4. after put on the eyes, easily to dry, suitable  for the busy working lady. 

5. good longevity and no smudge over 8-9 hours =)

6. hmm if u purposely use hand to rub hard, eyeliner will disappear...

7. cleansing ability: i use cotton with cold water already can remove it .

lets see when i add in the mascara + half lashes these 2 element,  how it will work on me ? =p

     Half eyelashes natural  #21 (RM22.90)

 i purposely chose a natural series half lashes instead of false lashes ,as i think it will be  more interesting  as many ppl is taken false lashes (full lashes )only.but seldom got ppl really wanna try half lashes =p .My beautician fren told me for smaller eyes gal  , they will be more suitable  for the false lashes , not every ppl suit for half lashes >.<

                                             it come with a special eye lash glue (white colour tube )

                                        I noticed the eyelashes is made by  human hair 0.0

Kim comment:

after i put on the lashes i feel its quite comfortable , i dun even feel i am wearing a half lashes . =)  i really love this point~
for false lashes beginner user -- after u stick the lashes with the glue ,  u have to swipe the real lashes and half lashes together with the kiss me heiroine make  mascara to increase naturalness  =)

i will show u the lashes and mascara effect on my eyes  result later, continue reading ~

           Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara --JET BLACK 01 series ( 2010 Japan Cosme Awards)                     (RM49.90)

                           Popular mascara , ever won the 2010 Japan  Cosme awards

                             same series with  the eyeliner , even the packaging and design is alike =)


                                                                    brush of mascara 

Directions for use:  Put the brush on the base of your eyelashes and apply the mascara raising the lashes.  In order to make the lashes look much denser, give additional coats before the applied mascara dries out. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before use for a more beautiful finish. Use a heroine make mascara remover or an oil -based cleanser for removal..


i found some result after trying the mascara :

1. i really love its fiber effect, after i use Z style apply the mascara to my lashes about 2 -3 times, it become curl and long , effect quite similar  like Baby  doll  =p

2. my lashes remain soft after apply mascara =)

3. strong waterproofness--only removal with the oil remover . 

tada~ this is my result  =D --heroine make mascara + eyeliner + half lashes 

                               i kinda satisfy with the effect ~ the half lashes successfully create the naturalness ~!

if only apply the mascara without lashes , the result is kinda good too =) , refer to the following picture :

before apply mascara

after apply heroine make mascara ~

                  what do u think about it ?  kinda different volume and long effect  vs natural half lashes effect isnt it?it depends which kind effect u aiming =p

the last item i wanna review  is Heavy Rotation Milky Colour Lips- #03 Sweet Pink (RM34.90 )  ^^

                                the packaging & lipstick colour is quite attracting ,  look natural and sweet =)

                                                   Useful tips for using lipstick --sweet pink #03

ingredients :

                        without apply lipbalm , i simply apply heavy rotation milky colour lips -sweet pink #03

                                            apply lipbalm + heavy rotation milky colour lips -sweet pink #03

Kim comment:

lipstick colour shade look natural and  having a strawberry sweet scent . If simply apply on my lips, it appeared  abit  plain and less moisturize. Therefore i  decided put on lipgloss . and i create a best result rather than solely using lipstick ~!

Natural effect:


kanebo coffret d'or shiny gloss


heavy rotation sweet pink #03=  

For  create a  rosy pink glossy  lips instead of a apple red glossy lips , u can do the followings:



Luview glossy kiss -rossy pink shade


heavy rotation sweet pink #03  =

hmm the photo i taken look abit blur, but in fact , the colour is really nice =)  and after mix, the gloss look not so red than before =)

thanks for your reading , hope next time can bring a more details review to u, as this is my 1st time review false lashes ~anyway, i  hoping my review will give u some idea before u bought kiss me product =)


  1. Nice review!Thank you..
    I have a Kiss Me mascara too and I like how easy it was to apply on my bushy lashes..but because of the non-thick formula on the mascara,it easily gave my lashes clump T^T

    plus after it dried,my lashes will turns hard/froze..

    but i still love it..just i used it sometimes if i need a really long effect lashes..

  2. Oh wow. Your lashes look so long with that mascara. And it can be removed with cold water? Wow. That's convenient. It sounds like a good product. Too bad we don't have Kiss Me products in the Philippines :(

  3. clair, mascara need use oil remover then can remove, eyeliner can use water =)