Friday, 30 March 2012


Who is Rinsie Rose ?

VANITY TROVE beauty box (Singapore ) Victoria says:
RinsieRose is all about accessories which  makes you happy wearing them. Using only quality materials, each RinsieRose piece is carefully put together with much thought and effort, making it the best finishing touch to your look!
RinsieRose also loves making friends, spreading the joy of her love for accessories with the people who love her work. Hence, wearing a RinsieRose piece will naturally make you happy, and the cheeriness will spread to the people around you. Who’d know, one little thing is all is takes for big change.

Rinsie Rose is handmade jewellery (singapore) which starts its business at  Year  2004. Recently they have  just create their  facebook fans page  =) and  I get to know Rinsierose from their  facebook page  ^^  . There are variety ,stylish handmade jewellery at their website  =)

                            Receive this oriental charm pendant from Rinsie rose today,  love it so much  ~

                                        i decided wear the pendant and match it with a golden necklace =p

                                                                        my favourite  ~~

if you are a jewellery lover just  like me, u may visit and its facebook for more lovely necklace and jewellery =D  

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