Friday, 27 April 2012


Hi all, recently i redownload the maple story to play, simply in a relax mood now hehe, i will have a vacation these few days until labour day =)  after recharge the energy, i will posting the colour lens and ume skincare review ~ happy labour day to all my fans ~~   ^^

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Poslaju Prepaid Box & Envelope

hi test and share readers~

 anyone has try poslaju domestic  prepaid box / envelope ?  =p  i guess it will be a good idea for most of the people  =)

(information source:    POS LAJU MALAYSIA WEBSITE )

Poslaju Domestics
Poslaju Prepaid Box & Envelope

Instead of going the conventional way of packing your parcels or documents first, weighing them and paying for postage, you can now enjoy the convenience of ‘pay, pack and post’ with the PosLaju Prepaid Box and Envelope.

The PosLaju Prepaid Box & Envelope are for usage within Peninsular Malaysia only and easily available for purchase at more than 300 outlets including PosLaju Centres, Post Offices and selected sales agents within Peninsular Malaysia.

How To Use ? 
» Purchase the Prepaid Box or Prepaid Envelope at any of the selected sales outlets.
» Fill up the shipment slip (PL1A Form) which is attached to the Prepaid Box or Prepaid Envelope
» Insert the shipment slip (PL1A Form) into the plastic pocket on the Prepaid Box or Prepaid Envelope, but DO NOT seal it.
» Hand over the box to the nearest PosLaju or Post Office outlets.

Features and Benefits 

» EXPRESS DELIVERY: Next Day Delivery, within PosLaju coverage area and during working days only
» With track and trace system
» With proof of delivery
» Compensation for lost/damage up to RM300*. PosLaju will not be held responsible on the lost or damages caused by exceeded weight limits or prohibited items
*Terms and conditions apply 

Size and Price

                                                                 Type: Prepaid Envelope S
                                                                 Size: 280mm x 200mm
                                                                 Max. Weight: 500g
                                                                 Price: RM6

Type: Prepaid Envelope L
Size: 380mm x 320mm
Max. Weight: 1kg
Price: RM9

Type: Prepaid Box S
Size: 340mm x 250mm x 80mm
Max. Weight: 2kg
Price: RM13

Type: Prepaid Box M
Size: 340mm x 250mm x 150mm
Max. Weight: 5kg
Price: RM20

                                                                                    Type: Prepaid Box L
                                                                                    Size: 380mm x 320mm x 200mm
                                                                                    Max. Weight: 10kg
                                                                                    Price: RM30

For more information, please contact:
PosLine Customer Service Centre at 1-300-300-300 from
8:30 am – 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday and
8:30 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday (except for the first Saturday of the month or public holidays) 

Friday, 20 April 2012

MrLens's Pretty, Sexy, Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest

Hi test and share readers~

Recently i have been selected as one of the 30 blogger to take part   MrLens's Pretty, Sexy, Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest  .The best reviewer can wins a Nikon camera worth RM 1k plus  . And I get  to know this contest from Tammy  and her blog  .  thanks miu  ~~

this contest 's  sponsor --- MrLens which is the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and parts of Europe! they're going global and has reach Asia to provide the highest quality eye-care products, professional service with fast delivery at the most affordable prices and convenient process to use.  u may visit its WEBSITE  and  MrLens  's FACEBOOK FANSPAGE .

Review product provided is Freshlook Colourblends  by CIBA VISION , available in 9 colours. and I have chosen gray and amethyst  colour  ^^

kinda excited about it, since i have always wanna try different colour lens ~

stay tune about the review , it may coming up at april month end or  1st week of the may  =p  

Monday, 16 April 2012

WISH Blogger Event

Hi,  test and share readers ~

Recently (Korea) Wish company have just organise a special event especially for beauty and fashion  blogger. kindly check the followings for more information.

WISH Blogger Event No.3) Tan Kim

Hi all wisher~ I am a beauty blogger from Malaysia . I love to review every beauty, cute stuff ,fashion ,accessory or any good stuff . A best product review can help us save money avoid buying "ineffective" item. feel free to visit my test and share blog :

*WISH Blogger Event is for the beauty &fashion blogger all over the world. WISHTREND introduce the blog & information of blogger. We will hang this post on the top of page for 7days.

*If you are a blogger & want to join this event, please share this post and send the message(Name, Picture, introduction, blog or youtube address) to our facebook

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My beloved puppy --Nicky

Recently ,  my office outside suddenly appeared a small visitor ~  its a small puppy which i guess only few month years old. Still wondering whether her owner  already abandon her at a raining morning  ?   >.<  (she still wearing a red accessories  at her neck when we first saw her ). I love to call her as Nicky =p while other ppl gave her a nickname Titi~

                                     She is lucky enough since got a kopitiam 's  food stall still  feeding her some food ~

                                        She love to play with  every people who passby her.

                    She start pestering me , lol my stockings is "kena bite" when playing with her >.<

sometimes she look so lonely as if she is saying that :  我也好想要有个永远的家,有人好好的呵护着我为我挡风遮雨,我并不只是想短暂居留。

                                         my collegues is dote on her, bought her a drumstick for her lunch =)

                                                  eat , play , sleep become her everyday routine

when we start get used to  her accompany , but she suddenly disappear at few days ago .Sometimes we still will think of her,  I just pray that kind people have adopt her . =)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review : JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask (Korean) JJOYY 熊猫眼精华眼膜

hi  test and share readers~

last month i receive JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask from Wish company  for review purpose  ^ ^

JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask (80 sheets)  ( 译  JJOYY  熊猫眼精华眼膜  80片庄)

Description: 产品介绍

1. Whitening and reducing Dark skin under eye area,
reducing fine wrinkles. .  美白,减少黑眼圈以及改善眼部细纹
2. One-day maturing cellulose velvet mask in fermented honey essence. 蕴含蜂蜜精华
3. High-moisturizing, high-nourishment, high-functional eye mask pack. 高度保湿兼滋润的高功能眼膜。

Main ingredient: 主要成分
-High fuctional fermented effective ingredients (Centella asiatica, Γ-PGA, Fermented yeast/,istletoe extract, Fermented hair root extract, lactobacillus acidohilus, Fermented soybean extract, Filterd fermenting rice extract)
-Honey, Arbutin, licorice, adenosine, peptide, taurin   蜂蜜, 熊果苷,甘草,腺苷,牛磺酸 , 积雪草,  发酵酵母 等等

Treatment for:
Whitening & Wrinkle care.   眼部美白抗皱护理

 How To Use:  使用说明
1. After high-grade laser and beauty treatment on the eye area, fit mask over face.
2. Remove mask sheet after 20-30 minutes until mask becomes dry because (Each mask sheet contains as much as one bottle of fermented essence).
 包装附有小夹子,用夹子夹取2片,敷在双眼,约 20-30分钟后眼膜变干后才将之丢弃。

Suitable Skin Type : All Skin Type  适合所有肌肤

Price: RM146.00 each

          USD 53.99  (WISH COMPANY WEBSITE )

                                                             The packaging and logo is so cute =p  panda~

                                   can use up to 40 times ( 80 sheet )  , and u gotta finish it within 24 month after u open the container =)

                                                                                          the mask container

                                                       the mask is "not so visible "  , it tend to transparent colour 

                                           after comparison, u can c the difference btw 1st try and after 10 try . 


1. i remember the 1st time I open the mask container, i already fell in love with the mild sweet  honey scent =) 

2.  cellulose velvet mask is quite  stick to my eyes , i can just walking around without worry it will falling down  =)

3. eye mask size is big enough for covered the whole under eye area, the mask shape 's design  also quite match with my eye . 眼膜能完全地覆盖我整个眼下肌肤,设计也很贴合我的眼型。

4. low stimulation -- this eye mask doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin at all =)  成分低刺激性

5. i remove my eye mask after 25min ( i can sense the mask has  become dry ). After i remove the eye mask, the  residue serum leave in my skin is quite moisturizing, and i feel abit sticky . 敷了眼膜 大约二十五分钟左右,眼膜开始变干了,我就将之丢弃。残留在我眼部四周的精华素蛮滋润的,只稍嫌有一点粘粘的。

6.The result after i try about 10 times :  我试用了十次后的效果
overall, i love  this mask because its serum is quite nourishing and successfully  reduce my dark circle .
when i touch the skin surrounding my eye i can sense it has become more delicate than previously  =)  i will continue using this product for cure my panda eyes >.<


Noted: skin testing result may vary (depends on your skin)  每个人的肌肤不同,因此同一产品也许会有不同的效果哦 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Summer Giveaway (open international)

hi all my fans,~ wanna win skin food gold kiwi set  and the rings ?


for further information =p

Contest ending at  May 11, 2012, 11:59pm (open international )

do enjoy the giveaway ~

Sunday, 8 April 2012

REVIEW: CH 33 Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash King 恋爱魔镜2012最新睫毛膏

Last month, i receive Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash King for review purpose =)  , i was so tempted to try it out, this is the latest mascara of  Majolica Majorca which release on February 2012.It has been positioning as the most powerful , ultimate unbeatable mascara among all Majolica Majorca mascara. 0.0

this is the latest series product of Majolica Majorca , the middle one obviously is Lash King i mention before =)  ,  I love this collection 's design , mystery and feminine style ^^

Official introduction 

Fake lashes can now be a thing of the past with the introduction of Majolica Majorca's latest and best ever mascara, the Lash King. This aptly named mascara incorporates all functions of each and every Majolica Majorcarca's mascara , including Lash Expander Frame Plus's super length , Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On 's  ultra thickness and  Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo 's ability to create pretty, fluttery lashes.
The Lash King contains 5mm long jet black fibers in every single coat of mascara, leaving lashes looking naturally super-long. Infused with Volume Impact Wax and Volume Powder, the mascara is able to adhere even better to each lash , adding long lasting major volume for full and lush lashes. To maintain perfectly curled lashes throughout the day against sweat, sebum and even tears, this mascara contains Speedy Dry Oil as well as gloss oil to define the darkness of each lash for achieving doll-like eyes.
Featuring the one- of- a kind Acrobat Catch Brush, the Lash King separates and coats individual lashes evenly without tangling.The brush was designed to maximize intense volume and length with every application and each bristle is meticulously packed to ensure each lash is applied with enough amount of liquid fiber. The Lash King is also formulated with macadamia nuts oil and vitamin E derivative to protect lashes from exterior  damage. Eyes are instantly defined even without eyeliner as lashes will appear longer, fuller ad darker. 

Price: RM 59.90

Availability: All Watson store nationwide

                                                                The packaging of Lash King

                                                                               closer look =)

              back view of the packaging--clearly state ingredients and feature --it is a waterproof type mascara~

                                                            Real product of  Lash king  ^^

                                                           Shorter than stabilo highlighter =)

                                           Lash King 's cap got majolica majorca logo

                                                               Side view of Lash King

                                                                          Open up ~

                                                   teng teng~ this is the lash king brush 

                                                 closer look of the brush 

I gonna try it on my eyes soon~

                                                    my eyes without make up yet ~

                                                             without make up yet~

                                          After few swipe,  it create a doll like eyes , i love this ~

                                                     finishing look  ^^ I love Lash King effect ~

I found some feature about Lash King :

1. I ever try some brand which easily smudge my eyelid, but i found when i apply Lash King , it doesnt smudge my eyelid =)    在刷Lash King睫毛膏时, 不会弄污我的眼皮。

2. Lash King neither too dry nor too wet, and it consider fast dry type mascara .湿度适中,属于快干型睫毛膏。

3. High Waterproof -- i have to use my biore eye and lip make up remover (oil type )then i can remove the Lash King. 防水性高--需要用眼部卸装油才能卸掉.

4. The brush wont be too big and doesnt stimulate my eyes delicate skin .At the same time i found the toppest bristle easily stick together .  刷头不会太大,睫毛膏也没有刺激到我的眼部周围的肌肤。同时我也发现到刷头顶端的刷毛容易粘成一团。

5. At least can lasting for 7 hours or more .  至少能持续 7小时或以上 

6.after i swipe about  few times, it successfully create a doll like eyes , super long lashes 0.0  it does surprise me ~! 就如同Lash King 的介绍所说的不需戴假睫毛就能营造出如同娃娃般的睫毛 。在刷了Lash King 后,我的睫毛变得特别纤长而且根根分明这点让我十分惊艳 ~