Sunday, 15 April 2012

My beloved puppy --Nicky

Recently ,  my office outside suddenly appeared a small visitor ~  its a small puppy which i guess only few month years old. Still wondering whether her owner  already abandon her at a raining morning  ?   >.<  (she still wearing a red accessories  at her neck when we first saw her ). I love to call her as Nicky =p while other ppl gave her a nickname Titi~

                                     She is lucky enough since got a kopitiam 's  food stall still  feeding her some food ~

                                        She love to play with  every people who passby her.

                    She start pestering me , lol my stockings is "kena bite" when playing with her >.<

sometimes she look so lonely as if she is saying that :  我也好想要有个永远的家,有人好好的呵护着我为我挡风遮雨,我并不只是想短暂居留。

                                         my collegues is dote on her, bought her a drumstick for her lunch =)

                                                  eat , play , sleep become her everyday routine

when we start get used to  her accompany , but she suddenly disappear at few days ago .Sometimes we still will think of her,  I just pray that kind people have adopt her . =)


  1. cute puppy! followed u btw, hope u too.