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REVIEW: CH 33 Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash King 恋爱魔镜2012最新睫毛膏

Last month, i receive Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash King for review purpose =)  , i was so tempted to try it out, this is the latest mascara of  Majolica Majorca which release on February 2012.It has been positioning as the most powerful , ultimate unbeatable mascara among all Majolica Majorca mascara. 0.0

this is the latest series product of Majolica Majorca , the middle one obviously is Lash King i mention before =)  ,  I love this collection 's design , mystery and feminine style ^^

Official introduction 

Fake lashes can now be a thing of the past with the introduction of Majolica Majorca's latest and best ever mascara, the Lash King. This aptly named mascara incorporates all functions of each and every Majolica Majorcarca's mascara , including Lash Expander Frame Plus's super length , Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On 's  ultra thickness and  Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo 's ability to create pretty, fluttery lashes.
The Lash King contains 5mm long jet black fibers in every single coat of mascara, leaving lashes looking naturally super-long. Infused with Volume Impact Wax and Volume Powder, the mascara is able to adhere even better to each lash , adding long lasting major volume for full and lush lashes. To maintain perfectly curled lashes throughout the day against sweat, sebum and even tears, this mascara contains Speedy Dry Oil as well as gloss oil to define the darkness of each lash for achieving doll-like eyes.
Featuring the one- of- a kind Acrobat Catch Brush, the Lash King separates and coats individual lashes evenly without tangling.The brush was designed to maximize intense volume and length with every application and each bristle is meticulously packed to ensure each lash is applied with enough amount of liquid fiber. The Lash King is also formulated with macadamia nuts oil and vitamin E derivative to protect lashes from exterior  damage. Eyes are instantly defined even without eyeliner as lashes will appear longer, fuller ad darker. 

Price: RM 59.90

Availability: All Watson store nationwide

                                                                The packaging of Lash King

                                                                               closer look =)

              back view of the packaging--clearly state ingredients and feature --it is a waterproof type mascara~

                                                            Real product of  Lash king  ^^

                                                           Shorter than stabilo highlighter =)

                                           Lash King 's cap got majolica majorca logo

                                                               Side view of Lash King

                                                                          Open up ~

                                                   teng teng~ this is the lash king brush 

                                                 closer look of the brush 

I gonna try it on my eyes soon~

                                                    my eyes without make up yet ~

                                                             without make up yet~

                                          After few swipe,  it create a doll like eyes , i love this ~

                                                     finishing look  ^^ I love Lash King effect ~

I found some feature about Lash King :

1. I ever try some brand which easily smudge my eyelid, but i found when i apply Lash King , it doesnt smudge my eyelid =)    在刷Lash King睫毛膏时, 不会弄污我的眼皮。

2. Lash King neither too dry nor too wet, and it consider fast dry type mascara .湿度适中,属于快干型睫毛膏。

3. High Waterproof -- i have to use my biore eye and lip make up remover (oil type )then i can remove the Lash King. 防水性高--需要用眼部卸装油才能卸掉.

4. The brush wont be too big and doesnt stimulate my eyes delicate skin .At the same time i found the toppest bristle easily stick together .  刷头不会太大,睫毛膏也没有刺激到我的眼部周围的肌肤。同时我也发现到刷头顶端的刷毛容易粘成一团。

5. At least can lasting for 7 hours or more .  至少能持续 7小时或以上 

6.after i swipe about  few times, it successfully create a doll like eyes , super long lashes 0.0  it does surprise me ~! 就如同Lash King 的介绍所说的不需戴假睫毛就能营造出如同娃娃般的睫毛 。在刷了Lash King 后,我的睫毛变得特别纤长而且根根分明这点让我十分惊艳 ~

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