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Review : JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask (Korean) JJOYY 熊猫眼精华眼膜

hi  test and share readers~

last month i receive JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask from Wish company  for review purpose  ^ ^

JJOYY Panda Eye Essence Mask (80 sheets)  ( 译  JJOYY  熊猫眼精华眼膜  80片庄)

Description: 产品介绍

1. Whitening and reducing Dark skin under eye area,
reducing fine wrinkles. .  美白,减少黑眼圈以及改善眼部细纹
2. One-day maturing cellulose velvet mask in fermented honey essence. 蕴含蜂蜜精华
3. High-moisturizing, high-nourishment, high-functional eye mask pack. 高度保湿兼滋润的高功能眼膜。

Main ingredient: 主要成分
-High fuctional fermented effective ingredients (Centella asiatica, Γ-PGA, Fermented yeast/,istletoe extract, Fermented hair root extract, lactobacillus acidohilus, Fermented soybean extract, Filterd fermenting rice extract)
-Honey, Arbutin, licorice, adenosine, peptide, taurin   蜂蜜, 熊果苷,甘草,腺苷,牛磺酸 , 积雪草,  发酵酵母 等等

Treatment for:
Whitening & Wrinkle care.   眼部美白抗皱护理

 How To Use:  使用说明
1. After high-grade laser and beauty treatment on the eye area, fit mask over face.
2. Remove mask sheet after 20-30 minutes until mask becomes dry because (Each mask sheet contains as much as one bottle of fermented essence).
 包装附有小夹子,用夹子夹取2片,敷在双眼,约 20-30分钟后眼膜变干后才将之丢弃。

Suitable Skin Type : All Skin Type  适合所有肌肤

Price: RM146.00 each

          USD 53.99  (WISH COMPANY WEBSITE )

                                                             The packaging and logo is so cute =p  panda~

                                   can use up to 40 times ( 80 sheet )  , and u gotta finish it within 24 month after u open the container =)

                                                                                          the mask container

                                                       the mask is "not so visible "  , it tend to transparent colour 

                                           after comparison, u can c the difference btw 1st try and after 10 try . 


1. i remember the 1st time I open the mask container, i already fell in love with the mild sweet  honey scent =) 

2.  cellulose velvet mask is quite  stick to my eyes , i can just walking around without worry it will falling down  =)

3. eye mask size is big enough for covered the whole under eye area, the mask shape 's design  also quite match with my eye . 眼膜能完全地覆盖我整个眼下肌肤,设计也很贴合我的眼型。

4. low stimulation -- this eye mask doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin at all =)  成分低刺激性

5. i remove my eye mask after 25min ( i can sense the mask has  become dry ). After i remove the eye mask, the  residue serum leave in my skin is quite moisturizing, and i feel abit sticky . 敷了眼膜 大约二十五分钟左右,眼膜开始变干了,我就将之丢弃。残留在我眼部四周的精华素蛮滋润的,只稍嫌有一点粘粘的。

6.The result after i try about 10 times :  我试用了十次后的效果
overall, i love  this mask because its serum is quite nourishing and successfully  reduce my dark circle .
when i touch the skin surrounding my eye i can sense it has become more delicate than previously  =)  i will continue using this product for cure my panda eyes >.<


Noted: skin testing result may vary (depends on your skin)  每个人的肌肤不同,因此同一产品也许会有不同的效果哦 

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