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Review : Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Receive Sally Hansen  Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (colour : Glitz Blitz) from Yuberactive =) , i feel so    happy about it,since i have curious about this product effect when i passby  Sasa outlet =p

Official introduction of  Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips 

Get a look you can't achieve in a bottle, no salon appointment, no damaging gel procedure, no glue-on nail. Peel, Apply & Go!

Easy-on: Instant press-on strips, no drying time or smudging.

Easy-off : A real nail polish, simply remove with nail polish remover

Trendy: Finest and hottest nail art looks to express your own personal fashion statement

Affordable &Time saving: No costly Salon appointment!

Healthy: Groundbreaking breathable film. Nails are protected and won't suffocate

Long Lasting: Leave nails impeccable for up to 10 days

Available at Guardian Pharmacy, Sa Sa, Watson's Personal Care Store. (RRP RM45.90)

                                                        Real product photo of  sally hansen real nail polish stripe  =p

                                                                                          Colour model : 260 GLITZ BLITZ

                                                                        The packaging 've already state simple instructions

 the pack comes with an emery board, wood stick, two sealed packets of nail polish strips and a details  instruction leaflet.

                                                                      i gotta read carefully  the instruction before apply nail stripe =)

                                                                                there are 8 different shape nail stripe  per sealed packet.

                                                                          my left hand waiting to apply the salon effect nail stripe  ^^

                                                       choosing  a suitable shape for each nails before start  apply the nail stripe 

                                                                                           remove the transparent cover 

                                                                       now i gotta " get rid " of the blue peel off area 

                                       yeah ~ finally finish all the step , this is the nail stripe that i  need to apply on my nails 

                                               below is the step i apply the nailstripe on my nails  =)       :

                                                  i use my other  finger to press it  , make it more stick to my finger

                                                                                            "    extra  stripe "

                                                              gotta use some tools to get rid of extra nail stripe  >.<

hmm sorry i accidentally delete the thumb finishing look  >.<  attach here with the finishing look of other finger ,hope u will like it too  ^^
the effect is absolutely beautiful =p  i love the golden shiny look~


1. I observe If apply top coat , for toe-- can lasting around 10 days or above  If for hands, i got do housechores therefore it start fading like 2-3days. 若你希望您的Sally hansen 贴纸的效果更持久请务必涂上top coat 。我发现若将贴纸贴在脚趾上,则可以 持久超过10天左右。 至于手,则因为我有作家务的缘故,因此手指边缘大约2-3 天已经开始剥落了。

2. high stickiness  粘性极高,但是刚粘在手上时,必须用手指按压,那么它就会紧贴着你的指甲了 。

3.Can remove it with Nail Remover, but i did spent a little more time to remove it , i found sally hansen nails stripe is  more durable than normal nailpolish.  我搽了几次的  Nail Remover 才卸掉了 Sally hansen 贴纸 , 感觉上的确比普通的指甲油耐用。

4. the golden nail stripe colour is sharp , and  quite natural after compare  vs the face shop golden nail polish. Sally hansen 贴纸的效果不错,金色的颜色蛮亮丽的,自然度也高。我特地涂了 the face shop 金色指甲油来比较,旁人都说 Sally hansen 贴纸的金色比较漂亮。

5.  sally hansen nail stripe easily to achieve salon effect as some pattern is floral print  /leopard print,  we are hard to achieve it by single nailpolish . In jb market , my collegue told me , simply apply single colour nailpolish for finger to toe  plus peeling service already  RM60 plus .
Sally hansen 指甲贴纸 中有些豹纹或花俏的图样是我们买单支指甲油达不到的效果,若你要出席宴会又来不及 和指甲屋 预约,也许Sally hansen 指甲贴纸 会是你不错的选择。

What u may not so love

1. maybe this is my 1st time try the nail stripe, i did spent a little more time on learning  how to do that .after i used to it, i found it actually not so difficult as i think before. 因为没用过这样的贴纸,因此花了一段时间来摸索。

2. U may feel it is more pricey, because original price  RM45.90 if sometimes got promotion the  discount price also around RM38 plus . 价钱方面 原价RM45.90 , 你可能会觉得贵喔。折扣价大约也要 RM38  左右。

anyway, thanks to yuberactive for this amazing product review chance =)   wishing for more product review chance in the future ^^

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  1. Nice and detailed review! :D The gold glitter is really pretty, hehe. :D And the best thing is that it feels so smooth and no need to wait for it to dry. XD