Monday, 21 May 2012


hi fans~

i always lazy to  upload the photo of my last month IPOH and Cameron trip  , today is the day i gotta show u some beautiful photo , esp some foreigner fans ^^

i arrived IPOH FOK SHAN Restaurant at morning 6 .30am and  i read  from one local  food blog , it mention   FOK SHAN Restaurant is the most famous dim sum restaurant at IPOH , alot visitor will come here to try their Dim sum (snack) .

1)  IPOH Fok Shan Restaurant Photo


In fact,  i have order more than 7 plate dim sum (snack)  , and i found that only porridge  荔湾艇仔粥  and Yong Tau FU 酿豆腐茄子  is the  most compromising food . the Ha Gao ( Prawn snack ) and other Dim sum is consider average only.  LO MAI KAI  AND CHA SIEW BUN is my most disappointed food  >.<After i settle  the bill and enter one Ipoh taxi  on the way to IPOH station, that taxi driver reveal currently the new renovated Fok Shan restaurant , DIM SUM mostly made in factory therefore the food standard is obviously drop than previously one . Local IPOH resident mostly will go for other handmade food restaurant instead of new Fok Shan restaurant , and the taxi driver also complain about the Fok Shan some specific waiter service attitude.

Actually , i still planning to try more famous Ipoh snack  but i have to rush to Ipoh station, i just hope next time got one full day can try Curry mee and kaya puff too ~

2) Cameron Trip Photo (Taken at Rose Garden, Cameron Valley, Butterfy Park , Strawberry Park, Equatorial Hotel)

                                                             my new shirt =)

                                                                    rose garden flower~

                                     i really enjoy the cameron valley--tea garden scenary ~

                                           inside butterfly park , i saw got few smal  rabbit o.o

Lol i must be look funny, i have been trying  to put in more apparel , i really feel the weather so cold in the early morning of  Cameron butterfly park. i already ignore ppl will call me " bak zang " for  wear so much clothes  >.<

this is the profile picture i taken at equatorial hotel lobby  =p  its atmosphere is ancient and romantic .

thanks for reading , i just found i  still got alot  picture have to compile , i guess my trip photo maybe have part 2 to upload? hehe, cameron is such a beautiful place with nice air , strawberry , vegetable, i kinda miss the jagung (corn) , strawberry with chocolate  and those huge size flower . ~~


  1. Wah~ I super long time didn't go Ipoh le... All that dim sum is making me drool! >__< And the roses are so beautiful! :O