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hi test and share readers~

Last month Ume skincare sent me one travelling set of sensitive skincare( Peace of mind ) , Shine with Shelter Sunscreen SPF 30 , EYE AM GORGEOUS EYE SERUM  for review purpose =D  hmm  I guess most of u may not familiar with this brand yet. As i know , UME just start its own facebook fanspage at Sept 2011  .

UME SKINCARE PRODUCT is positioning as

Effective Doctor Prescribed Skin Care for Everyone

and their slogan -- umecare ~ your skin, we care.


umecare believes that skin care products are not just for good looking skin, but to give courage and build one's confidence in life.
"What is IN umecare bottles give you better skin,
What is ON umecare bottle inspire better days."

UMECARE Description
Medique International Sdn Bhd supplies extraordinary medical aesthetic products (umecare). Our integrity towards Professionalism, Passion & Creativity promise to give you the best buying and using experiences! 

If you interested to  find out more , u may visit their website . ^^

Ume skincare product mostly  paraben free, alcohol free, fragrance free, natural colour, and its product even entered to some selected clinic at Malaysia o.o  it does surprise me ~

       the travelling set of sensitive skincare( Peace of mind )  ^^  which contain 4 item:
      1. cleanser 2. toner 3.serum 4. moisturizer

o.o it attach with the 80cents postcard , how thoughful they are ~

a medium size handbag  (recycle bag material ) exclusively for travelling set 

                       this is the extra sample of anti aging skin--never too late ^^  , thanks to ume skincare ~

its review time after i try it about 3week ^^

My Skin Concern :  Sensitive and Combination Skin

Gentle Cleanser (100ml)  RM83

Gently remove impurities
Smooth and healthy skin
Soothe and heal irritation & inflammation skin

Active ingredients:

Inulin and Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide
is a prebiotic that stimulates the useful organisms and maintains the skin conditions necessary
for the growth of it at disadvantage to the hostile organisms.

  •        Paraben Free
  •        Alcohol Free
  •        Fragrance Free
  •        Natural Color
  •          Tested on Sensitive Skin


Place proper amount of cleanser into palm and lather with water.
Apply on the face and massage gently with a circular movement then rinse with water


transparent gel type, no stimulation to my skin at all .Soap free, therefore sometimes i will pump 2 times . After cleanse, i can feel my face become more smooth  =)

Calming Toner (100ml)  RM82

Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin
Refreshing and mild
Soothe sensitive skin

Active Ingredients: 

Herbal Complex ( Glycyrrhiza  Glabra Root Extract , Camellia sinensis leaf extract , Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Centella asiatica extract, Chamomilla recutita flower extract, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract , Polygonum cuspidatum root extract )

  •         Paraben Free
  •         Alcohol Free
  •         Fragrance Free
  •         Natural Color
  •          Tested on Sensitive Skin

Application: Cleanse the skin beforehand with Gentle Cleanser.
Place few drops on a cotton pad; apply lightly in a circular motion.
Slightly pat using the cotton pad to absorb.

Kim Comment :

fragrance free, no stimulation to my skin at all , and colourless as the picture shown at above =)

Desensitizing Serum (30ml)  RM 137

Reduces itching, burning & stinging
Calm and hydrate
Prevent skin irritation
Promote healing


3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
Herbal Complex
Moisture Complex (Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA, Trehalose, Glycerin)
  •         Paraben Free
  •         Alcohol Free
  •         Fragrance Free
  •         Natural Color
  •          Tested on Sensitive Skin


Use after Calming Toner.
Pump an appropriate amount and massage gently with a circular motion until it absorb.

Use Care-Roll Roller for better effect and absorbency.

This is a water based gel , quite easily absorb to my skin , i love this point ^^

Desensitizing Moisturizer (50ml)  RM144

Repair and restore skin protection
Protect from external aggression


Zea Mays Kernel Extract
stimulates production of fibronectin and promotes skin healing.

contain anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti- bacterial properties helps in soothing and calming delicate sensitive skin.


  •         Paraben Free
  •         Alcohol Free
  •         Fragrance Free
  •         Natural Color
  •          Tested on Sensitive Skin


Pump appropriate amount and massage gently with a circular and uplifting motion.

Use it day and night.


toothpaste-like, white colour lotion, the texture not rich at all, it smell abit like the rose =)
after apply the serum and moisturizer , it leaving my skin silky smooth =)  


During these 3 week testing period , my skin seldom got allergic . Even I recall  got one times my face become  reddish maybe because of the sunburn/ unaware allergic  reason , after i apply this peace of mind skincare , my face skin condition is back to normal within 2-3 days . Therefore , i will recommend sensitive skin concern ppl can give it a try for this mild product range  ^^

Sun Screen SPF 30 (30ml) RM 68

Balance sebum
Non-irritating formula
Deeply moisture and protect


this sun screen is formulated with Panthenolwhich able to adds essential moisture.
Lavandula Augustifolia Oil is use to balance sebum of the skin. 
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane
  •      Paraben Free
  •      Alcohol Free
  •      Fragrance Free
  •        Natural Color

Application : 

After moisturizer, pump appropriate amount of Sun Screen SPF30 and apply evenly on face
30 minutes before sun exposure

Kim Comment

Scent:  light medicate scent , only this point i dun like >.<

Texture :  toothpaste-like , tend to waterbased . i love this point, some sunscreen product is just too oily =X

Lasting:  texture not sticky at all, easily blend into my skin .If  comply with loose powder, can lasting until evening 6pm then my face start feel oily.

Price: Affordable price for a paraben, fragrance free mild sunscreen product .however, i truly hope it will be in bigger size >.<  ,  i guess i will finish it around  3 month .

Eye am Gorgeous RM151

Eye Serum (26ml)
Reduce dark eye circle
Promote blood circulation
Reduce wrinkle

Main function  : The warm sensation of Eye am Gorgeous Eye Serum helps to reduce dark eye circle by promoting blood circulation of the eye area.
It is able to reduce wrinkles around the eye, improves skin texture and elasticity around eye zone.


Apply Eye am Gorgeous Eye Serum generously over the eye areas.
Massage lightly with fingertips using circular movement until complete absorption.

                                         13ML SIZE for each tube (total 26 ML ) , can apply at  day and night

                                                 water gel type eye serum , not oily at all ~

Before using eye serum 


I love this water gel type eye serum ~ and i dun think it have any warm sensation which caused my eyes uncomfortable =) . I did feel the skin surrounding my eyes become more tender than previously , hmm as for more visible result about reducing the finelines, and dark circles, i guess it take times on my eye as i am natural born panda eyes >.<

thanks for reading, i truly hope it will be a helpful review to all of  u ^^
i will update some photo about my brother usa haul and my ipoh and cameron trip photo  soon ^^
stay tunes ~


  1. May I know how you get this for review ya? Last time I rmb you posted about this for free sample, but for so long I did not manage to get it. Is it the free sample through the online application?

    1. maybe they are out of stock, >.<by the way , u still can email their customer service or leave comment at their facebook for related issue