Tuesday, 15 May 2012


hi test and share readers~

last month my brother is having a business trip at usa, and he bought me some branded in usa --juicy couture and coach =p .all free of charge , only kate spade bag i need pay for it. i will show u the picture here as i promised before.

my brother according to this pic. i show him, bought the pave heart wish necklace which cost US 48 +TAX= approximately RM160

                                                       i love juicy couture box--so pinky ~

                                           the pendant look like small strawberry ~

                                                        the golden chain quality very nice

2. coach wrislet

original price : US $78,  my brother bought at discount price US $ 40 =)  , i love the quality and i found it quite easy to match any shirt and any occasion ^^

                                      inside is purple colour and i found it made in vietnam

                                PINK STRAPE PVC  KATE SPADE BAG  Original price : US $ 255,  after discount below RM500

                                        the only disadvantage --it design without zip

                                      I love the bottom design , so cute~

kinda satisfied with this USA HAUL ^~^  , my fridge still got hershey special edition chocolate which bought at usa, will slowly finish it =p


  1. The Kate Spade bag is really cute!! :D And I didn't know JC was so much cheaper over there! :O

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  3. ya i totally love the kate spade bag and juicy couture necklace those pinky stuff =)