Saturday, 2 June 2012

Heavy Rotation Natural Beige Face Designing Loose Powder #2 shiny skin

dear test and share readers ,

how are u those day? recently i receive few item for review. one of it  from kiss me (malaysia mandom company )-- Heavy Rotation Natural Beige Face Designing Loose Powder  #2 Shiny skin

Item Description

Face powder (with fluffy puff) that holds up against perspiration and oily pores and lasts longer. Light up pearl mixture covers pores and creates a pearlescent surface in an instant. Contains amino acid derivatives and silver powder. SPF25 PA++

•Ingredients: collagen
•Color: Shiny Natural Beige
•Instructions: After basic care, apply to puff and blend into skin. Useful for applying makeup and for refreshing makeup during the day. When touching up makeup, be sure to remove excess oil and perspiration before applying to get an even finish.
Please remove seal on the inner cap before use.
After use, place puff inside the cap and close securely.
Keep puff clean by washing with detergent and rinsing well before drying in a shaded place.
•SPF25, PA++
•Contents: 8g
•Made in Japan

this loose powder inside hole quite big 

function of loose powder 

Directions for use : 

Ingredients :  

  This is my left hand before apply heavy rotation loose powder ^^

                    This is my left hand after apply heavy rotation loose powder  ^^


1.Powder texture is fine and thin, easily blend into my skin (apply it with kiss me puff. ) 松粉质地幼细,容易融入肌肤。

2. inside hole is quite big , sometimes easily spill . 盒子中的洞口大了一点,松粉有时会倒出来。

3. puff quality is average. 70% cotton 30% acrylic. 粉扑的品质普通

4. It doesnt stimulate my skin, even though it is shimmering  loose powder =) 并没有刺激到我的敏感肌

5. effect on skin--after apply i feel my skin is fairer with the pearl shiny effect . 用后感觉皮肤带白色珠光
6. the shimmering effect only lasting not more than 3hours .闪粉效果维持2-3小时左右左右

7. i love its UV function SPF 25 ++ , my previous loose powder luvshuca doesn't contain any uv function. 备有 SPF 25 ++   防晒功用

8.  Oil control ability-- as i observe, if i apply at 9am, my face can lasting until 5pm then start feel oily . 控油效果蛮不错

9.  8g size consider average for me, i guess it can use about  5 month or above if daily use . 8g 装,若每日使用估计可用 5 个月。

10.  Price--RM59.90 , consider affordable price , available at watson malaysia. 

thanks for reading ^^  , hope it can give two cents of thought to u before u buying this product ^^


  1. Hmm... I think i would like it if it doesn't have shimmer. Coz i prefer matte finish for my face. :D