Saturday, 9 June 2012


hi all~hehe  this is another delay post about luview product =) . have u visit luview product at watson malaysia yet? before u consider buying its product , i hope my review can give u more idea about it.
today i would like to introduce LUVIEW REAL SKIN PRIMER BB CREAM ^^ to u

Real Skin Primer BB Cream
Complexion perfection with full, flawless coverage
Benefit : Whitening, Primer, Sebum control, Natural coverage
Skin types : All
Formula : Cream
Volume : 40ml
Coverage : ◆◆◆◇◇

US$ 18.00
Skin booming effect promises more even skin tone, visibly cover pore and blemishes for a reliably flawless finish

1. Primer formula Primer formula sets and perfects makeup, makes pores seem to disappear.

2. Skin blooming effect Containing light-diffusion powder forms the coating film inducing diffused reflection and silicone elastomer keeps skin flawless and radiant hour after hour.

3. Long lasting powder formula Sebum control powder and skin friendly (organic silicone coating) pigments keeps makeup clean all day.

4. Whitening: KFDA certified.

How to use: At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.

                                                                Real product photo

                                       i have put on real skin primer bb cream on my hands

                                                 after i spread it evenly , it look natural =)

                   this is my right face after apply real skin primer bb cream and luview crystal pact

                                             this is luview crystal pact =)  , next time i will make a details blogpost for it.


After  few try of LUVIEW REAL SKIN PRIMER BB CREAM  , i found few feature stated as below :

1. mild ingredients, it doesnt stimulate my combination skin =)

2.  Scent :  i am not so love its cosmetic scent  

3.  natural colour shade , easily blend into my skin. my brother didnt notice i have put on this  =p

4. coverage : real bb cream + luview crystal pact does a  great coverage & evenly skintone for  reddish, blemish skin , but not much coverage for big pores. 

5. texture: light , primer type , i dun even feel i was on make up ^^

6. price consider average  for 40ml size korean bb cream .

thanks for reading , hope it will give u a better idea about this product 


  1. looks like quite good coverage for this :) i hope the price in malaysia is affordable for me

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    1. haha yea, it does surprise me when apply to my blemish skin =) i kinda feel korean bb cream is the best ^^