Saturday, 16 June 2012


Hi test and share readers ~  recently i receive a breathing plush toy --husky package and tote  from for product review .
today i would like to show u my new adorable toy ^^

Alaskan Huskies have tons of energy, especially as puppies. They are compassionate and playful, but willful and rascally. Alaskan Huskies are laid back and cheerful. 

What are PERFECT PETzzz .....?

Be delighted with the company of a breathing plush toy Puppies or Kittens. Pick from a few different breeds and have a real good time with your new no-fuss petzzz.
Many of us have always wanted a pet dog or cat, but never had the chance to own one. We figured if you can’t have the real thing, then we should bring you the almost life-like option instead.
•Carry your petzzz around in your tote, have It around for decoration and take it to bed on a cold night
•Your Perfect Petzzz can breathe, so watch it sleep soundly in the corner of your room.

                                                                     what a lovely box  =p

                                                           inside attach a flyer with variety plush toy 

                                                                     it even got the certificate of adoption o.o

                                                      my sleeping husky ^^

                                                  its ear abit hard not so soft 

                                                            its fur consider smooth ^^

                                    i love its silver tag , it engrave with words  "perfect petzzz "

                                                i feel  its feet abit hard , not so soft 

             this red tote is the extra gift  (exclude  in husky package )  ^^ . i love to put my husky inside , it look so  real ^^

                                 flip over husky body, loose the screw then u can open it up

                         after insert the battery, my husky start breathing like a real pet

                    video featured at perfect petzzz website

Kim Comment : 

after observe few days, i found few feature of my husky toy ^^

1.Similar to Real  Pet   %  -- i bring my husky with tote to my workplace , at 1st my collegues cant judge it was real or fake . after i told them , then they realise it only a breathing plush toy but most of them feel it was quite real due to its breathing function. 

2. it tend to be a decoration toy rather than hugging sleeping  toy due to its material .

3. when the toy  breathing there was a  mechanic sound .

4. i totally in love with the lovely packaging box , cute toy and red tote. (my brother love it too ^^ )

5. its fur consider soft  and colour is vibrant.

6. Husky package --Current promotional price : RM 119.90    Original price: RM 159.90 . Red tote-- Current promotional price: RM39.90  Original Price : RM 59.90  i hope the price can be further cut down =p , then more ppl can buy more than one pet =)

7. it will be a thoughtful gift if your fren can't adopt a real pet at house  =)  

if u are interested adopt one pet , can visit their website and facebook , currently still got promotion price ~!

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