Tuesday, 26 June 2012

REVIEW : [Bubble BonBon] Body Wash& Lotion (Travel Set )

Hi, all my test and share fans 

today i would like to introduce a korea brand new baby product series- BUBBLE BON BON BODY WASH & LOTION from Wishtrend.

 Official introduction :

Bubble Bon Bon for your precious baby!

Enjoy your baby bath FREE from the stress of 
stinging bubbles!

No discomfort when in contact with eyes or the mouth

Bubble Bon Bon contains organic argan oil, certified by ECOCERT,
supplies nutrition to the skin along with
patented extracts - ATOVAX (benefit--enhance skin condition)

3 Secret Ingredients of Bubble Bon Bon
1. Natural surfacant: Decyl Glucoside

2. Sprout Complex
 12 varieties of herb sprouts, brewed for 48 hours
with 3 other plant extracts, 
are the base ingredients for 
Bubble Bon Bon

3. Patented ATOVAX 

ATOVAX is Bubble Bon Bon's very own patented recipe 
with essential factors from 24 different herbs,

whose role is to enhance skin conditions for 
sensitive, dry skin owners.

Moreover, ECOCERT certified organic Argan oil is included 
which provides more nutrition to the baby's skin.

For all skin types,  Price : USD 11.99 (travel set)

 I have invited  Christine's  daughter -Chloe  to be a guest reviewer =)  , she is so adorable  ^^

Christine says : 

Received Bubble BonBon body lotion and body wash by a blogger in assisting her to do some review on the products.
It's 100% natural baby bubble made from sugar cane and olive oil as it's claimed.(body wash only)

First glance on the ingredient - it doesn't contains SLS, no paraben and no alcohol. Water is the main ingredient and most of the ingredients are plants (24 different herbs) but contained perfume.
Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
Smell wise - i personally like the perfume smell but some may find it too strong.

Texture (lotion) - soft and glide smoothly on my daughter's skin. The lotion is absorb quickly onto the skin leaving no greasiness at all.
Texture (bath lotion) - it's true that it contained very very less bubble since it doesn't contains SLS! The whole bathroom smells so therapeutic while using this product. Moreover, it smells good on the skin too.

Organic certified ECOCERT; US FDA Approved for skin irritation. Made from Korea.

Rating : 4 out of 5 stars

Kim says:

body wash : after using , i can feel my skin become smooth and my mind totally relax  =p  i love its scent, bubble not much because it doesnt contain SLS (发泡剂). a paraben free product . i love this point ~

body lotion : i love this body lotion scent ^^  and i found it is non greasy type lotion , easily absorb to my skin .

thanks for reading ~ 

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