Monday, 30 July 2012

My facebook card from

dear all~

how is your feeling today? currently i am kinda in a blogging mood, feel like just stay  in the computer world and disconnect with outside temporaly  =)  maybe sometimes,  we just  need a space and run away from the reality world for a while, after recharge the energy and go back to it . seldom heart talk with u all, maybe next time i will try to write some chinese / english paragraph to express some point of view to specific matter  ^^

today i feel like showing u my latest facebook card =p  , it was printing f.o.c ( Limited time only, i observed currently dun have this promotion . If no promotion for 50pcs printing,  i recalled  it cost 40 pounds?.  ), and i just have to pay few pounds delivery fee approximately RM13 ++ and the card  directly sent by U.K. It take about 2 week to reach my place =)

                                                   I like this facebook card box 's quality

           moo. com will chosen your all timeline photo as the facebook card background , this is 1st design.

                        second design    =)  i love their card , nice quality and i can feel the material is thicker too ~

                                                   back side of  my facebook card

                                               my facebook card got 50 pcs quantity

       state their box and paper is recycle material and source from sustainable forest =)

if any one wanna having a facebookcard  like this, just paid attention to their website limited time offer , as i know if refer to fren , once they bought, u can get the free printing too =p kindly refer for latest information ~


  1. Wow cool! So professional indeed!

  2. last time I saw got one website they are printing free name card for first time. But I didn't do it >"< Feel not really need a name card yet XD

  3. haha i print it for fun.^^ but it did useful when i going to event , they ask for my namecard =)

  4. Wow cool! Never heard of before, but it looks really good quality. :D
    I also just got a bunch of name cards made. :D