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How to Treat Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Dear all,

look at the picture above ! this is my 1st impression when i heard of dry and dehydrated skin XD  , without  using an appropriate skincare according to your skin problem  ( eg : abuse using the purifying and oil control skincare ), over sun exposure , working at air-con room , dun have insufficient beauty sleep and as we grow old, our face inevitable  will become a  " dehydrated earth " .

i am not sure how many of u having a dehydrated , dry and combination skin just like me  >.<  , however i wanna give u a reminder that dun neglect the dehydrated and dry skin issue , as  it will lead to 1st symptom -- finelines , 2nd -- finelines gradually will become wrinkles   3nd  your face will  eventually sagging . it will be too late when goes to the second or third symptom  >.<

i desperately searching the effective method to rescue my skin,  since i found my dehydrated issue from the  scan face skin machine .

You may try the followings , if you are facing similar problem  ^^

1. Before sleep , put on  the sleeping mask as the last step  ( after toning , serum, moisturizer . )

2. Office lady do  need   a moisturize spray ( eg : caudalie grape juice spray  ) and hydration body lotion to "survive "at air-con room.

3. Loccitane Shea butter hand cream will be the instant rescue for your  " dry and wrinkle " hand .

4. After scrub , apply gel mask or hydrate mask for replenish your skin moisture. Our skin cell need to  " drink water "  too

5. Hadalabo star product --  hyaluronic acid toner , some of my fren is raving about it . =)

6. Consume appropriate Collagen drink

7. Drink " sufficient "  water

hmm as for hydration facial part --

Concidentally, at last month end, i 've been invited to try Cres wellness latest Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy--( Aim at  hydrate skin , replenish & retain the moisturize under the skin,  reveal brighter skin, anti - wrinkle ) ( suitable for dehydrated skin except hypersensitive and pimple prone skin  ) . And i have chosen the nearest outlet --Tmn Desa Tebrau ( Johor Bahru ) to experience this therapy ^^  .

Cres offers female customized, luxurious solutions that help them achieve a high level of wellbeing - and the end-products of beauty, namely Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication – words which form the acronym, “C.R.E.S”. Cres offers innovative facial services, administered by beauty therapists, which custom-treat each mind, body and spirit, based on the revolutionary products of Cellnique Paramedical – Asia’s first paramedical skincare brand. This is backed by a decade’s worth of experience and ground-breaking know-how in the beauty industry, as well as a deep insight into the lifestyles and needs of contemporary women. 

Reaching CRES - TMN Desa Tebrau Outlet   ^^  , jus realise that its location  only behind the Jusco -Tebrau City  .Near to grey apartment area. =)   If u chose to walk from Jusco , u can proceed to car park (--blue , Y area ), and u can see Cres only opposite the car park  (--blue , Y area ) .

                                                Cres environment is quiet and relax.

                                                       Cres wellness namecard-- nationwide outlet contact no.

                                      Cres wellness is using cellnique product  ( U.S.A ) for facial treatment 

          Water oxygen system will be use for Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy

                        I love the ambience and the soft music of CRES  facial room

         The indoor temperature + Cres  blanket = appropriate , neither too cold or too hot  ^^

The followings 2 hours Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy is conducted  by beautician Crystal,  she is a friendly beautician , i like her attitude . She will explain the cellnique product and facial process without " hardsell  " .

This is the photo i taken before facial,  Crystal explain my skin  is dry and dull  . I guess it is due to i did over using purifying mask  >.<  and  rest at 12am plus .already over beauty sleep time ~  This treatment just in time for my dehydrated skin ~!!

Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy  Procedure

include : (Explain by Ellys  ^^  )

1) Apply Bio mask ( pineapple extract )  for exfoliating and whitening purpose.

2) Water oxygen system -- oxygen concentrate + aqualance  concentrate ( enriched with hyaluronic acid and kinetin ) pump in our 2nd layer skin 真皮

         This is the components of water oxygen system pump in the concentrate to our skin 2nd layer skin

3) Apply Three mask--

1st mask--Aqualance masque

2nd mask-- Aqualance essence masque  (paper mask)  for 10min.

3nd mask-- oxygen mask ( gel type )

One of the special point of  Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage Therapy  is customer will breath in 3 min oxygen with this mask ( one components of water oxygen system ) .This oxygen is similar to the good air around 7-8am morning , good for health and awaken your spirit. 

4) D' Sensi Calming and hydrating complex for hydrate and soothing our skin.

                       this is the immediate photo after facial , still got red scar due to facial needed  "needle "remove those acne , normally red scar will disappear at second day . Despite that, i found my skin is glowing , moisture than before and become smoother. even the eye wrinkle is less visible.This treatment having visible result on me .

                                            see, this is the photo after treatment few days =)  i love my smoother skin

Kim comment :

Overall, I am quite enjoy the whole treatment , i feel my skin is pamper and "drinking water" The treatment effect can last for few days on me. It reveal brighter skin and immediate rescue for my dehydrated skin. and i found my pore and eye wrinkle  is less visible than before. ^^  the oxygen concept is surprise me too ~really looking forward for next treatment =)

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Sample of the E-voucher
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To Share with You some Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
• Open for all aged 21 years old and above.
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• Please present voucher upon redemption.
• CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.
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