Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Amogin haul : Korea Bottega Lady Watch

Hi all,

remember last time i got introduce u the is selling korea jewelry, watch , accesory ?  this time i would like to show u what i have bought from =p

i have been searching a lady watch which can suit most of the occasion, and i found this =)

classic and simple  bottega lady watch from  It cost me RM115 .

                  and i lucky enought to get this hairpin as i met launching promotion  =)

                                 I love the gift box their chosen, the royal purple ribbon box  is so cute ~ and amogin staff is pleased me with their  friendly attitude .

                                         the silver part of the watch  is look like a snake in real product ~

                                                    hows was it look like on my hands ? nice ?  =p

                  Real  leather strape and  >98% similarity  with the product photo.Quality is good too =)  It suit my hands, after take off the extension of the watch .

                So many colour, which is your favourite =p  in fact, red or black colour is my second favourite.However i still feel brown strape is more easier to suit any dress =)

by the way, is having another purchase with purchase offer =p  do surfcing their website for further information =p