Tuesday, 14 August 2012


i guess most of us  will need this , when we feel discourage ...

1、自我合理宣洩(傾訴、痛哭、唱歌等)   tell your fren your difficulty and trouble,  cry , singing
2、自我情志轉移(轉移到自己感興趣的事情上)develop your new hobby
3、自我理性昇華(充實自己的精神世界) read some book for your self advancement (esp your spiritual )
4、自我適度(緩解矛盾,減輕壓力,求得心理平衡)adjust your mindset to a happier and thanksgiving mode
5、自我遺忘(過去了,算了)let bygones be bygones, forget all unhappiness and  moving on.

                                i love the ray of breaking dawn , it did make me feel that
 god 's grace is renew everyday , every morning is a new chance for us to be a better man , and fulfil our dream ~ ^^  gambateh to all of u !!

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