Monday, 27 August 2012

to my belove fans

hi, my fans~ i just found even i blogging about 1 year already . But i really seldom chat with all of u. Some of u i know it from facebook contest , some of u is my blogger fren, and others may come from other country . its so amazing can get to know u , simply because i blog  =)

i gotta say sorry to u, if most of the time i didnt update my blog . in fact, blog do need put on effort and spent time to do review. however, sometimes my job and my mood condition just  not allow me to update so often. hope all of u can understand . =)   some  people may cover  trueself  stay calm all the times, so everytime u may c that ppl is always happy. however, i am not that kind of ppl haha.. therefore if i really  unhappy, i will directly show it on my face.

hmm did i told u i am a christian , the current task i need to learn is entrust my burden to my lord and endure the environment and wait upon the best time best way my lord chose to interfere. Waiting is the most painful experience esp u ever experience that there is no hope in that place/problem  .For me, i dunno where i will be heading to...kinda blur . how my problem can be solved. when and which method. stay or exit. take it or leave it. if i dun get any clear signal from prayer , i really dunno how to move on next step  lolz

but anyway, regarding  my blog issue-- next month i still will bring a Cres spa review to u, its a best time to have a rest too  ^^   collagen drink most probably october . i really hope i can continue my enthusiasm towards blog  despite my emo times, as i found i really love to write and doing variety review , i like to try new item jus like a kid love to play different toy haha.
those day i win alot prize, i may show u in a near future =)

take k  my belove fans ,



27/08/2012 12.19AM


  1. Keep on going dear! Super love your blog.

  2. where do u get those sample to

  3. thanks ciksuzlin =) really appreciate your comment ^^
    eriol loh most of them is they provided product to me for do the product review / i won from contest =)