Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi all my fans~

those day i have been busy, and sleep quite late, i feel abit sore throat now T.T hopefully i wont sick as i wanna go out for karaok tomorrow >.<

despite the sore throat,  i feel i have to upload those picture i taken at legoland media preview 01/09/2012 which solely open for media gas i promise before =p  and tomorrow is the official opening day of legoland malaysia !!

i surfcing , i find out our country is  proudly as the 1st asian legoland theme park ~ ( location near nusajaya exit 312 ) since i got free ticket which can bring 3 more people to go , so i asking  my brother and two friend join this preview tour with me~

before the opening time 10am ,the ticket booth is crowded. i noticed some media  group  from singapore =)

queque up did cost me over 30min =X  and we get the map from legoland staff =)

   the maps seems complicated , however specific area havent open yet >.<

                    so colourful , i love legoland gate~!

         lolz i even taken photo at legoland malaysia ladies XD

      a lego grandpapa is stand in front of the ladies , hehe.

                 nice ?  i like this machine colour


                   i like this lego model, so creative =p

i was too hungry as morning just eat a tiny little bread T.T , i bought a prata bread set and soft drink after 30% discount for media, it still cost me around RM16 plus. Normally a soft drink is cost RM4 Plus .

         I didnt went in this center, as i still enjoy my prata bread @.@

                     the 1st castle in legoland malaysia

              many adult queque up and go in the castle

             it cost few buck for this outdoor game

                        finally i met one BIG Lego

   when i approach this lego model , i found it has a " ding ding " sound .

                       this is a timing fountain =p

                    gigraffi baby care centre =p

there are a 4D movie show, the story not bad . i kinda enjoy the show.

                       still under contruction

                      Egypt theme playpark

not yet open

this is the last part of legoland, there are many country buildings ,mostly material is lego . i can see the legoland malaysia do put in effort to do this part. the singapore lego country is so cute and real.

those lego ship is moving ^^

          i noticed thailand  lego country one got music ^^

          my last stop --souvenier shop

   this kind lego keychain , cost around RM19.90 or above

         i love this pony >.< but it cost RM80 plus =.=

we are leaving legoland at 1pm plus, it save alot of time as not much ppl take part this preview trip ~

as a conclusion, it can classified as  a kids playground rather than a adult playpark..their target customer is kids and parents =p some of my friend did compare it with singapore universal studio..however i feel this is different concept . Overall, i did appreciate the heartwork of those lego country and timing fountain .can see they are put in effort at that part. =)

if you are interested in buying ticket,(Normal adult ticket price RM140 for single entry ) just proceed to as i know currently having promotion ~



  1. WOW! You got an invite to the special preview! :O
    I'm not really a fan of Lego, but after seeing your pics, I think it would be a fun place to go. :D I like the dragon rides, and the models of famous places look really cool too. :D

  2. photos are nicely taken. i love the design of the ladies room.btw, thanks for voting for me last time.=)

  3. wow, looks nice ~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. I wanna go >< too bad not in KL :(

  5. Ya another place of interest --hellokitty theme park is coming soon in jb !!

  6. I heard Legoland Malaysia is more suitable for kids below 13 years old...looks like teens and adults enjoy it too!

    Hopefully it will bring up the value of properties around there :)