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What is the requirement a Qualities Men Should Have ?

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Today is sunday,  i reckon  u currently is enjoy your english afternoon tea party or taking a nap after few days working  , anyway i hope u are enjoy your weekend   ^^

Recently i noticed  two controversial youtube video , one is by Linora low (Red fm part time DJ ) and another one is Felixia Yeap ( a famous model  ), both of their  video is  voice out of some of the qualities a man should have. Hmm regarding this topic  it will normally appear at girl's pillow talk =p  and i believe all of you have a different standard regarding a  quality man's requirement ^^

I will share with you some point of view after i saw Felixia Yeap 's video  =)

                           For your information , this is felixia yeap =)  ( Photo source--give credit to felixia blog )

Felixia 's key elements --A qualities man should have

-1st impression -- healthy and fit   --  Felixia is a skinny gal  so she dun want her partner is a skinny guy anymore . However , she did mention that if a healthy and fit guy afraid of cockcroach will also hard to turn  gal on.

LOL , it must be a funny scene , sorry for i being so mean >.<  but i observe my particular  male collegue  is afraid of cockcroach too .. and  they will expected me to settle the cockcroach >.<  and  It doesnt matter they look skinny or  having a average body  =X 

I personally prefer a guy with sunny, healthy look, smile with a white teeth =p -- this is so called " Darlie's smile "  ( 黑人牙膏式招牌笑容 ) when this kind of guy smile surely will capture many gals attention ^^

 Having Brains/ being smart is important --Felixia  emphasize she ever met some guys is really good looking , healthy  and having a fit body, everything just over perfect.However  once those guy  start talking she will like  0.0  ,  and her jaws is almost drop .... >.<

No doubt, intelligent guy is absolutely  attractive, and trustworthy .Gals will  seek for his advice when they  met trouble.

     This is h.k drama series:  mysteries of love 谈情说案  Raymond lam starred as Kingsley king . one of the good example of Intelligent guy =p  (photo give credit to bloggang,com )

 -Good to have great bonus -- Talents/skills, felixia  is gal thats why she knows what gal loves .

When i saw talent this word, i will think of  Jay Chow ( 周杰伦) , he can sing, compose and play piano . and fully utilize its talent to earn money  ^^
At my secondary school , basket ball pro player is easily capture gal's attention too=p

 -Do not be selfish  -- Felixia ever having a worse experience , a guy ever bring her to a  nice restaurant , and the guy just directly take order without asking her.  She felt the guy just not respect her at all .

I personally feel take care gals 's feeling , respect gals 's weaknesses and without selfish , is very important. A  good relationship , both party needed to put in effort. However If you met a selfish partner, and u may suffer in a imbalance relationship.

 Devoted to the partner , patience to listen her fear /worries , good temper, willing to spent money and time on his partner is  important elements which  i feel a quality man should have. I believe many gals is drolling over  this kind of qualitied man in the realistic world  ^^ ~ =p

By the way, If you have no idea with the video i mention  , just  feel free to visit the following link , maybe u will have more opinions can share with me ^^~

Felixia Yeap 's Video -- A Qualities Man Should Have

see ya ~  hopefully next time can bring cellnique collagen drink review to u , currently  still under construction   =)