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Cellnique Amino Collagen C Essence

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 sorry this is really a delay post , as i have been busy with work >.<. As we know, collagen is becoming a very common beauty drink. However , current market is full of different collagen brand. hmm for a new customer ,it really take time to try and consume which brand will suit us most =)

Last month,i receive 2 boxes Cellnique Amino Collagen C Essence . I wondering whether it will given me a greater impact than other brand, since it state 10,000 mg and 10 times higher absorption.

                                   ONE BOX contain 10 bottle , RM 180 per box.

Lets see its official introduction --

Product Name: Amino Collagen C Essence

260D Collagen 10,000mg

Function on landing page: Restore a Firm, Bouncy & Smooth Skin

Embark on an early anti-aging regimen with Amino Collagen C Essence which contains 10,000mg of low-molecular marine collagen from Japan. This highly absorbable collagen helps confer skin an extra bounce and strength. While Nano-Pearl Powder contained helps revitalize and retrieve skin a sheer luminosity. With summation of Coenzyme Q10 to lessen oxidative stress, skin regains its youthful radiant and suppleness.


· Boost skin firmness & reduce skin sagging
· Improve skin texture & restore skin plumpness
· Lighten spots & brighten dull complexion
· Prevent aging and soften wrinkles
· Defend cells from free-radical damage
· Nourish and enhance skin’s moisture retaining ability
· Revive and rejuvenate the haggard-looking skin

· 10,000 mg / Marine collagen from Japan
· 280 Dalton /10 times higher absorption
· 100% Pure / Nano-pearl powder
· Hydration/ Ceramide
· 100% natural/ Olive leaf + Black currant + Wild fruit
· VIT A VIT B /Vitamin C Vitamin B6
· Antioxidant /Coenzyme Q10
· No preservative, No addictive, No heavy metals

Ideal for all health and beauty conscious women

Recommended Dosage:
Day 1 to 6: Consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach or before bedtime.
Day 7 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.

Direction for use:
- Direct consume from bottle.

Servings per package: 10
Serving size: 50mL

Per Serving
Energy 62.5 Kcal
Protein 9.95 g
Total Fat 0.02 g
- Saturated Fat 0.0 g
- Trans Fat 0.0g
Carbohydrate 5.56 g
Sodium 47.2 mg


Marine Collagen, N-Glucosamine, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Collagen (HACP-U2), Pearl Powder, Coenzyme Q10, Ceramide P-1, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydraochlo), Black Currant Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Fruits Concentrated Juice, Fructose, Apple Acid, Cellulose, Spices, RO water.

Storage condition:
- Store in cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight.

- Pregnant and lactating women should consult doctor before consuming.
- No reported contraindication, drug interaction and side effects.

Manufactured under HACCP and ISO22000 compliance


In order to achieve best result, EVERY NIGHT Before sleep I taken one bottle.IT taste like blackcurrant ,abit sour.

                                        this is my left face after taken one bottle.

this is my face after taken 16 bottles =) obviously u can see my pores become smaller.and my face become more firmer.

OVERALL, after consume amino collagen c , i found my skin become more fair and brighter . Even i only apply sunblock, my skintones look fair and healthy ^^ When i pinch my face, i can feel my skin structure become firmer and bouncy ^^ . and another bonus point of amino collagen c is helping body detoxification as it contain wild fruit ingredients.

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