Monday, 19 November 2012


hi all my fren~ if u love initial D anime jus like me , maybe u will  like the sepang international circuit trax on track event which combine the music and car race  (from 10am til late, daytimes  include drift competion and country friendly exchange, after 830pm is party time) .

About 5pm  i reach there, and i manage saw some car race. but the picture i taken is quite blur hehe
i am not going show u those lousy picture. =p

nevertheless, i have chosen some picture i think is presentable XD

                                                    this is my very first time visit SIC

                        did u noticed the label on the car?  trax on track 023 , i believe it belongs to one of the participants of drift competition.

                                      One of the international DJ is doing the spinning on the stages.

               hmm i was suspecting they are the " racing queen" as all of them is wearing the trax on track logo shirt.

                     trax on track gals  group photo,  i like the rightest  gal 's smile =)


 The transport will be a headache problem for  backpack traveller ,  take cab from KLIA to Sepang international circuit (SIC) will cost u RM42    0.0 . and public bus at KLIA cost RM 2.50 will only  drop u to a location nearby SIC . u gotta walk 5-10min to reach the SIC lower ground (only gaming centre )  .Normally got racing event will hosting at the upper ground.

This trip is memorable , i am thankful that,  a friendly staff at SIC fetch me all the way going back to KLIA  at nite . ^^  . In the near future, really  hoping  got chance can see the F1 formula event . =)

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