Sunday, 16 December 2012


Dear fans,

Recently, i noticed samsung note 2 latest campaign--Galaxy Wonderland . The campaign title seems great , you may ask what it is.  =)

If you always dream of being MTV story writer , and this is your chance to make your dream come true =p

What u need to do is --

Inspire Yuna, Samsung galaxy note II ambassador, aka singer & song writer. with your story--what love most about  Malaysia .What makes malaysia a wonder land  =p

Using your story /picture uploaded in the Mtv , and the song inspire by your story which written by Yuna, MTV produce solely by Samsung galaxy note II.

In other words,  YOUR STORY MTV+ YUNA COMPOSED SONG INSPIRE BY U + SAMSUNG NOTE II PRODUCE THE MTV. It seems fun  and great campaign ^^

Submit your entry through  , chosen start creating  to create your own story with photo, drawings, text or video.  ^^

This is the toolsbox which helps u create your own story , you can drawings with the pen or upload any picture which u think suit the topic.

Hehe this is one of my favourite --nasi lemak ^^  food is the key element which i think make Malaysia a wonder land . Penang laksa, sambal ,nasi lemak, teh tarik , roti canai , chicken rice ....those food i believe not much ppl can reject it =p

lolz this is wonderland gallery. So beautiful ~!  Samsung team will update your entry here, i wondering when will my nasi lemak pic. appear here ^^  haha  kinda looking forward ~!

If you interested in the history of sparkle project , Yuna and Samsung note II  function , Watch this video is a must =)

More information about GALAXY Wonderland and the new Samsung GALAXY Note II

                                    This post is brought to you by Samsung Mobile Malaysia          

                                                      Have a nice day ahead ~!         

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