Monday, 21 January 2013


Dear all~

          Remember last time i got show u  picture that i attended shills rose product launch at Gardens cafe, midvalley? This time i gonna bring u more details about the product information and my test result on travelling kit .


                                   =P   This picture is taken by a lenglui blogger --Fish 

                                  The opening show--   Two lovely little gal perform the hot dance

        I remember his name is Kim too . same with mine =)  He in charge of  introducing latest shils product and quiz contest for blogger session ^^

     The main key of Shills rose product range --LUXURIOUS BULGARIA ESSENTIAL OIL , do u know 1kg of rose essential oil , 4000kg of fresh rose petal were taken in production =)

                                Practical part:  Ms. Eva is introducing rose product range, and demonstrate it .

The front stage is  crowded , therefore i decided go to  counter sampling  the rose product instead of stay at demo. stage  =p

                    lolz ,when i proceed to the counter,  i have totally immerse into the product  background ~~! All thing is so pink !!

                      Among  those product , can u guess which one is most impress me?

the answer is -- Rose Petal Jelly Mask @ RM99 / 70ml
Function --Hydrates and soothes skin fatigue, ensure skin's suppleness and controls sebum secretion

                Shills team show me the jelly mask , when the cap is open I can smell th  rose scent is so pure and nice. I put on some on my hands , within few minutes , i can see it successfully hydrate my skin ^^ .

                 According to the shills team , inside contailn 1000 stalks rose o.o  i totally love its nature way.

( p/s:  i noticed JB CITYSQUARE having promotion for jelly mask-- not only 20% off on jelly mask and u even entitle a free gift --rose travelling kit  )

 Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier @ RM79 / 250ml
5 in 1 = Make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and sebum controller

 Rose Essential Cleansing Gel @ RM79 / 100ml
2 in 1 make-up remover and cleansing gel removes impurities with a dewy moist skin finish

 Rose Essential Hydrating Toner @ RM59 / 250ml
Your skin needs more water~~ Treat it with delicate rose aroma and a velvety finish with healthy glow

 Rose Luxury Essence @ RM99 / 30ml
Time to improve your dull skin and slow down skin aging

Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream @ RM99 / 50ml
Nature, healthy product to improve skin moisture and elasticity. Goodbye to uneven skin tone!

 Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream @ RM99 / 50ml
Allows maximum penetration deep into the skin for soothing and moisturizing

Rose Essential Firming Eye cream  @ RM118 /20ml
Goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles, welcome my lovely radiant and glowing eyes

 Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask @ RM99 / 10 pairs
Reduce eye puffiness and give TWICE the effect of hydration to the skin

Blogger kaki is enjoying the tea time after that..

Shills product launch door gift is rose petal soap , it look cute ~~

photo session =)  hehe 

kinda love the gardens SNOW decoration  =p

KIM Comment --   After finish ONE rose travelling kit  ( which contain cleanser , toner and luxury rose essence )

Pros:  rose product is quite nature and hydration , less creamy .
Cons :  it doesnt effectively control my oily skin .
therefore , for my skin ( dry skin surface but inside oily ) , i still needed a oil control cleanser and comply with toner & luxury essence

If you are keen on trying this new product range.SHILLS  are currently having 20% discount for ROSE PRODUCT RANGE , Shills product available at :
  • ALL SaSa stores in Malaysia
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Stardust Studio Fahrenheit 88 
  • AEON Rawang
  • Tesco Kepong Village Mall
  • Penang Queensbay Mall, 
  • Dataran Pahlawan Malacca 
  • AEON Big Rivercity
  • Sutera Mall Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru City Square 

This post is brought to you by Shills Malaysia  =)


special thanks to my blogger kaki Laura lee for photo taken =p


  1. I went to SaSa outlet and found out that there's no promotion available for this rose series! Moreover, not all SaSa outlets have this skin care series yet ;(

    1. Hmm i think only shills outlet. Got promotion. Jb citysquare shills outlet got 20%

  2. If got pimple can still use this product its??