Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My first product review at instagram : Buds Mozzie Clear Lotion

Dear all~

I just upload my first review at instagram, feel free to visit :) 8th -9th photo

My id: belovebaobei

Review topic : buds mozzie clear lotion , another great baby organic product :)
but it does useful for adult too :)



Sunday, 17 February 2013

Test and share blog on twitter and instagram now

Dear fans~ Cny holiday is ending for me. @.@ tomorrow is start to work again, These two days i just start playing instagram .

Its good and convenient to design and sharing daily picture i taken :] guessing , i will be at instagram for a long period.Mayb using it blogging is another good ideas? Hehe Anyway, lets fren at twitter. and instagram ^.^

My twitter id xiayuyan
My instagram id belovebaobei

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Dear fans~

         Guess u all still in the cny festive mood, i 've been sore throat and coughing for few days =X  maybe i ate too much " bak gua " ( dry meat cut piece ) .

         Today i would like to share with u , my 1st visit experience at  Ma-ma Nyonya food restaurant . ( invited by Tony johor kaki  ^^  )

                   During Lady boss Grace prepare the food for us, i still exploring the restaurant =p

                                     I noticed they also provide catering services, min. 35 pax  =)

                                        Inside the restaurant, is full of traditional item

                                                           Real nyonya photo

                                     Nyonya special container (pronounce as " gam qing " )

                                           inside " gam qing " got golden fish picture

     The first dishes Grace bring us is curry chicken   =)


                     The taste is nice, neither too spicy nor too sour, meat  is tender . Grace told me that Southern nyonya food tend  to indonesia style. If Penang nyonya good will more to thailand style. =) . Ii doesnt feel thirsty at all after try this dishes ,  i found the food flavour naturally come from  the spices eg.cinnamon , rather than the ajinomoto ~




Roti jala need to go with the curry chicken , simply eat the roti jala will feel too plain ~the curry chicken is not too spicy ,   i like it =)

3)  BUAH KELUAK  CHICKEN ( Recommend for nut lover )

this is the buah keluak ( indonesia nuts ) , original flavour is bitter nut flavourand " siap siap " one . However Grace mention she has marinated the buah keuak with  the chicken , prawn , sugar , therefore it has effectively reduce the bitter flavour  ^^  I love the nut favour

If wanna taste good , t his dishes have to go with plain rice + " curry gua "  + buah  keluak  =)

4) FRIED LOTUS WITH PETAI( Special create dishes by Grace )

                       The lotus is crispy and thick, never knows if go with petai and shrimp , the taste so good ~


                                        The lemak taste come from the ginger flower


I will strongly recommend you the fried crispy yam cake and the yellow colour pumpkin kuih . At first, i just wanna try abit , and after that my blogger kaki Jason , saw me didnt talking at all just keep eat the yellow kuih in silent mode . lolz  >.<   

The blue one is kuih ketayap must go with the kaya  =)


hmm if you are a brown sugar lover , you will addicted to it ~  i love the pure cocunut milk with the strong brown sugar . It taste so different with the Malay style cendol .

Grace show us they receive the recommended on trip advisor sticker , kinda surprise and happy to saw this ~personally feel their food and the effort put in , really worth for this honor ^^


all of us is so full after trying so many dishes, and i really admire Grace . She is so hardworking, most of the dishes and kuih muih is self made. Even the sauces also got different kinds for different nyonya dishes. Kinda appreciate her work. ^^

Anyone here interested on trying home made nyonya dishes , can heading to

MaMa Nyonya Restaurant

8, Jalan Molek 1/28, 

Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Tel : +6016-7167190 (Grace Lim)

For more updated dishes , visit  their facebook  ~~

This post is sponsor by Mama nyonya restaurant.

have a nice day ~

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Oz Cleansing Foam

Dear fans:

today is new year eve , i guess all of u is having reunion dinner now =)  i just having my steamboat dinner at home.
last time i did mention to u , i have bought  Rice Water Bright O2 Cleansing Foam (advance version of rice water bright cleansing foam ) . original price :  RM 69.90  

i would like to share with u some experience i using this product. 

SKIN TYPEAll Skin Type
BRAND LINERice Water Bright
A moisturizing and brightening cleansing line using quality Rice Water, Moringa Oil and Soapwort
  • O₂ ( oxygen ) bubble cleansing from rice water that makes skin clear and bright
  • A mask cleanser :
  • 1st stage: Removes impurities and makeup 
  • 2nd stage: Provides nutrition and moisture
  • Micro O₂ bubbles effectively removes the 1st stage of makeup while secondly providing nutrition and moisture to the skin
  • Deep cleansing, moisturizing & nutrition, sebum control , brightening effect

How to use: 
1. On dry face
2. Get adequate amount to apply evenly
3.  roll-massage entire face for 30 seconds.
4. Wash-off it with lukewarm water 
5. The product must be used with dry hands


kinda satisfy with this product :

reason ?

1. it deeply clean my pores without dry out my skin =) 

2. suitable for combination skin as well =)

3. doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin .

4. new added oxygen element .

5. effectively control my sebum .

even it abit pricey , cost me RM 69.90 per bottle,  i still will buy again  =p

                                     Lastly,  wish u all happy chinese new year ~~

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

Hi all Lancome fans~

Lancôme is proud to present you the NEW Hypnose Star Mascara, launching in March 2013.

Lancôme creates a true Hollywood red carpet look for the stars by blending daring, charm and sequins to channel a seductive dazzling look. Lancôme, the undisputed mascara expert reinvents glamour with its very own Dazzling Star BETTY BOOP & DARIA WERBOWY!

Glamorously, Betty

A playfully mischievous character full of whimsical charm, Betty Boophas always typified on-stage glamour

Glamorously, Daria...

With her magnetically radiant eyes and resolutely contemporary beauty,Daria Werbowy is more feminine than ever, lending her allure and natural elegance to Hypnôse Star

look great  isnt it ~  esp the packaging ^^ looking forward the real size product =p

Friday, 1 February 2013



its been a while i didnt update about my details to u ^^  , therefore today i would like to share with u my new haul and a new try for nail .

                                 Tada  ~ this is my first haul of   MARC BY MARC JACOBS  , kinda love its cosmetic bag . esp the rocky red  ^^

love this  princess style of fake nail design , it cost me RM20 ++ , i just put on those fake nails with a glue . however i really feel not so comfortable when wearing this >.<

As for face,  i just bought a advance edition of The Face Shop rice water foam =)

kinda satisfy with the result . I will share with u  the pic. soon =)

bought alot new yr stuff for this year , already spent 1k ~.~

have u bought your new clothes ?