Sunday, 17 March 2013


hi all~

Recently i just downloading line apps , and i found this free sms and call apps having some interesting game eg: line play =)  , a game can decorate your own house, writing diary , playing gachapon and visit fren house in virtual world  =)  so i just having fun there.
the requirement is easy, just register a email add and password at line apps ^^  .

                                          This is my character at lineplay--id : belovebaobei

                                                              my sweet sweet home =0


                            sleeping look hehe , and u just need to click the red diary book then can see my diary entry =)

KW-0988-3506 is my invite code , everytime i need cash i will  key in fren 's invite code and gain 1k virtual cash .=D    The virtual cash is needed whenever  buy the avatar and furniture in line play world =)
if you wanna earn more cash there, u can invite fren to play line play =)

Rmb add me if u also playing line play =) ,i will be pleased to add more fren like u =)
okay talk to u next time, see u ~!

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  1. It's so cute, I wish to play, I'm too busy to play a game!!! =[